Stimulating Audio Book – Darlington Incident by Renee Rose

Some people think I live in my car.  However, it only appears this way as I spend so much time on the highways traveling to work (what little work I do these days) and visits with my children.  Honest, I do have a house.  I hate to fly, but I do this once in a while too.

All this has made me an Audible Listener for over ten years.  I’ve ‘read’ hundreds of audio books and I did sample some erotic titles years ago.  These left me unsatisfied and I put the genre down.  Thus, I have failed to notice how this genre has matured as most of my ‘reading’ has been with the science fiction and mystery thrillers.

My thanks to Renee Rose for pointing me to her new audio version of “The Darlington Incident”.

Not only is this a page turning early Victorian era mystery, it is a classy romance.  Of course, it is exciting erotica with a spanking kink.  I won’t repeat the accolades of past reviewers that can be found on the Amazon Kindle site (though these are surely my opinion as well):

Instead, I will address the distinction in the audio version.  Carrying any book from print to audio can be a challenge and this is doubly true for erotica.  The reader must carry forward the excitement with the mere words.  The reader of “The Darlington Incident”, Elliott Daniels, does this admirably, though not without his faults.  His naturally raspy voice was effective for the suspense of the spy thriller and he effectively created unique voices for the characters.  However, his voice for the non-dialog narration portions was a whispery tone (almost as though he was hesitant to intrude) and I found it difficult to hear over the highway noise.

While Mr. Daniels has read for erotic audio books before, he also seemed a bit timid when he first approached a spanking scene.  However, as the story progressed this disappeared and {apparent} excitement entered his voice as the relationship between John and Eliza progressed.  The pace of his reading accelerated transferring excitement to the listener during the high tension scenes of both the mystery and the sex.

This is a worth experience for anyone interested in spanking stories even if you don’t spend the four hours on the road.  You could listen to the story while cooking or cleaning…or relaxing.

Caution:  considering the rules about distracted driving you will need to pull off to the side of the road from time to time.


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