Not to be forgotten

I’m a people watcher; more specifically – I’m a woman watcher. I am also an early riser (read that to mean what you like). Therefore, when I’m on vacation, I get up early and sit beside the pool and watch the women come and go to the resort’s breakfast area.

Here is 30 seconds of life is burned into my brain. I’m certain that at least some portion of the event was intentional and for my benefit.

I am in my usual morning spot, seated by the pool with coffee and an audio book.  It is early, but fully daylight; though the sun has not risen above the building’s roofline. Thus, the area between the food court and the pool remains shaded.  The subject of this memory is in her late 20’s slender and clearly flirty.  It is most unusual for a young woman of this description to show the slightest interest in paunchy balding old farts like me.  As such, it wasn’t until the very end of the encounter that I was certain that I was the subject of her interest – for whatever the reason.  Most regrettably, I did not observe the woman enter the food court as I would very much have liked to see the back side of her too.  But, my gaze fell upon her instantly as she exited the building.

Early in the morning, it is not unusual to see girls walking to and from the breakfast area wearing what are clearly pajamas.  It is not common, but not unusual.  However, these are almost exclusively very young, early teens or younger.  My subject today was a mature woman wearing thin billowy pants and close fitting shirt with thin shoulder straps — obvious sleepwear.  She was carrying something in her hands, but my eyes never got to that.  When I first viewed her, she was on a platform, 4 steps above me and about 100 feet away.  Yet, I instantly knew she was braless.  Hence, my focus did not wander much.

Our encounter became exciting from her first step, as she was walking straight toward me.  I was not within any direct walkway to or from anywhere, thus no one walked straight toward me.  However, beginning with her exit from the building, it was clear that if she did not alter course she was going to trip over my outstretched feet.  And she was staring straight at me.   Within the first couple of seconds after spotting her, I went into serendipitous mode, keeping my focus slightly ahead of her motion; not staring at her but keeping her in my peripheral vision.   After she descended the steps, and the distance between us closed, the sway of her breasts hypnotized me and I think I began to stare.

As the distance shrank to a few steps, I tore my eyes away and looked at her face.  With a teasing smile she locked eyes and took another step.  Then, her nipples snapped erect with the ferocity of popping corn.  As she took the final step separating us, the sway of her breasts caused her taunt nipples to snag the fabric of her shirt, and her swaying breasts pulled the whole shirt back and forth.  Then she stepped over my feet, which I rudely had forgotten to withdraw, took a left turn, entered the normal walkway around the pool. She vanished from my sight.

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