Masturbation Monday

Excerpt from Flying With Charlotte via Amazon

“Charlotte, I’m home,” I announce closing the front door following my long day at work.  Charlotte appears from the kitchen wearing my favorite dress, the one that gathers tightly around her waist.  As her auburn hair flows around her face, she floats into the room, holding a cold beer which she doesn’t give to me. Instead, she gives me moist a welcome home kiss. Her breasts snuggle into my chest.

“I’ve missed you so much Jon.” She glances into the living room. Three year old Carol is watching a cartoon movie and infant Jon junior is napping in his playpen. Charlotte’s face breaks into a devilish grin. “Carol’s movie has at least thirty more minutes and dinner won’t be ready for at least twenty-five minutes. Jon has just fallen asleep.” Still holding my beer, she pivots and begins to ascend the stairs toward the master bedroom.

She has missed me!

To ensure Carol is not disturbed, I tiptoe up the stairs behind my wife. When she reaches the top landing, her free hand reaches down for the hem of her skirt. Seductively, she slides her fingers along her tan thigh as the pleated material gathers. Her fingers don’t stop until they have reached her hip. A large patch of pink panty is visible. Her index finger tucks inside the elastic, her fingers begin to retreat back down her thigh, this time, with her panty in tow.

For a brief instant, a patch of white bottom flesh is visible. Charlotte always wears a conservative bikini bottom when she sunbathes. She knows I like the contrast between her tan legs and back, and her snow white butt. This was what Playboy depicted desirable women to look like during my formative years. Besides, Charlotte knows that I like to watch her fanny turn pink. Not from sunburn, from a spanking.

It was just before she became pregnant with Carol that we discovered spanking as a part of our sex life. I had come home from work and after dinner she began the oddest conversation. “Jon, I really missed you today. I miss you every day, but today was extra special.”

“Extra special? How so?”

“Well, I was naughty. Very naughty.”

“What do you mean?” I imagine that she had a fender-bender, or forgot to pay some bill.

“I was in the backyard sunbathing. After a while, my skin got hot and I figured that I had had enough sun. But, I just wasn’t ready to come back inside. So, I pulled my towel over myself, as a cover. I closed my eyes for a short nap.

“That’s when my finger found their way down there. You know,” she glanced into her lap, “down there.” I believe that my jaw dropped a bit and she went on. “My fingers just… touched myself. I giggled and squirmed and told them to stop. But… they didn’t. Instead, they found their way under the elastic.

“When my finger touched my… love button, well, everything just got all hot. That is, my lady parts puffed up and tingled. Jon, I know it was naughty – mother always told me not to do it – but I just couldn’t stop.”

“You made yourself come?”

“Yes, twice.”

“That was naughty.”

“I know, but honestly I was thinking about how much I missed you. I am ready to make amends.”

“Make amends?”

“Yes, you can spank me and then do whatever you want.”

“Spank you?”

“Yes, that is what mother said she would do if she ever caught me touching myself.”

“And then, do whatever I want?”


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