A surprising discover of self fulfillment

This is for the audio book version of Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane

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Clair is a marathon runner seeking to conquer the barriers in her own mind and find fulfillment as an Olympic athlete. Coach Fox uses firm discipline (over his knee) to help breakdown her emotional constraints. Along the way, they find an additional means to fulfill each other’s needs. While Clair’s panties are down, she finds that spanking can be so much more than mere discipline.

Specifically addressing the audio version, this story can be a distraction while driving. Fortunately, when I reached the apex of Chapter Nine, I was stopped a red light.  The driver of the semi behind me was not amused when my attention did not return to the road when the light turned green.

I’ve found that it is difficult for a single reader to express erotic scenes, playing the part of both sexes. However, the reader of his book is relaxed and comfortable as he projects the difficult emotions, sex, and spanking scenes within the book.

If you enjoy romantic, domestic discipline, spanking stories – you won’t be disappointed.

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