Warm bottom romance

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I’ve only sampled a few age-play stories; the story-mindset had not been one of my favorites. However, Renee Rose had never failed to entertain me before, so I selected this book to keep me awake on a recent trip along I-20. And, boy it did!

Ms. Rose carried me into the genre with a gentle, but firm hand. There are no diapers or other elements of extreme juvenile behavior, but there are spankings and hot sex. Marissa is a young actress whose life has spiraled out of control. She has never had real parental guidance. To protect his investment in the movie project, Joel takes up the challenge to get her life on track. To achieve this, he uses firm, daddy discipline – and tender loving care.

As best I can tell, this is the first performance by the reader – M. C. Arthur. And, I must honestly say that he does not live up to the modern standard in audio book performers. I’ve long since come to expect the reader to become part of the story, adding their own excitement and emotion to the written words – as actors do with a written script. However, this reader was flat and failed to get involved in the story.

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