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This is an erotic romance surrounding the decent of the aristocracy during the French Revolution.  Our heroine, Corrine, is humbled into submission as her former servant, Jean-Claude, protects her while the world crumbles about them. His protection comes at a price – many humbling spankings.  Having experienced several of Ms Rose’s delightful plots, I must admit that I found this one to flow along too quickly.  That is, our characters found their progression through the turbulent times a bit too easy.  {{Though Corrine might not agree that it was easy.  Perhaps, I just didn’t want it to end.}}

As best I can tell, this is Faith Alowyn Alden’s first audio book performance and she is outstanding.  Her performance includes the addition of a French accent which remains articulate (so many accents in audio books are nearly unintelligible).  Also, her building excitement as her voice changes with the erotic scenes magnifies the sexual tension of Ms Rose’s skilful words – this combination creates the most exciting, erotic experiences I’ve ever heard in audio books (and I have listened to a lot of audio books).

To be fair, there is a problem with the audio production.  I didn’t hear the background noises that others have reported, but I found several odd gaps where it just goes silent for a couple of seconds.  Most of these are no problem, but a couple occur at very untimely spots in the hot action… {{{No-no, don’t stop – DON’T STOP NOW!}}}

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