Doorway to a new lifestyle

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Wow – I will never miss another book club meeting.  I have got to hang out with Maggie Ryan more often! This story is foremost a romance, but the characters are deeply into the D/d lifestyle. For people who are new to the genre or are curious about the lifestyle, this is a great place to start.  Maggie provides a roadmap for the why and how to include spanking and how this is a demonstration of trust in a relationship.  The book’s beginning is a very clever device to introduce the reader to characters and inclusion of spanking as part of a loving relationship.  Entwined in the story are many hot sex and punishment scenes.  Maggie is clear in how these two are vey different.

Sierra Kline provides another excellent performance as she brings to the characters to life. No one provides a better erotic performance than she does.

I subtracted a star for the rather direct and slow moving plot. After the captivating beginning, the story followed a rather tried and true plotline. Yes, it is rather ridiculous of me to suggest that you would buy this story for the plot. However, my personal preference is for a bit more action/adventure.

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