Show Me All That You Have

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Following my previous enjoyment of an Alex Reynolds video [see post below], I began searching Kitchen Sink’s productions for another view. I found this one. This short-story video is special in several ways. First, the blurb says that it was scripted/requested by a third party. This notion of requesting a personal video is unique in itself {{thanks for sharing it}}.

Second, this is a visual production of the general plot all of us erotic authors have written into at least one book. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth… well! While the video contains no spanking, it is certainly a power exchange story. Watch as our hapless Alex slowly surrenders to her Alpha boss to protect her job.

Additionally, Alex wears a fantastic costume. I will reveal my age and state that during my high school days, girls actually wore these stockings and garters. Therefore, watching Alex reveal, and then strip them away brought back many fond memories. {{Ah, the rolling of the stockings down to her ankles. Oh, how many times have we done that!}}

Finally, this special video reveals not only Alex’s acting talent, but also [as the title says] all of her adorable charms – as Mother Nature intended for us to see them. “I want to see everything that you have,” her tormentor demanded.

Now, if only I could get my mind back on my work.

2 thoughts on “Show Me All That You Have

  1. Jim

    Hi Mark,

    I wrote and commissioned this video. Thank you for the great review – so glad you enjoyed it! FYI, I did a couple of other custom videos with Alex, which are also on Kitchen Sink, and are also a little bit out of the mainstream – “Alternative Punishment: Sore Boobies” and “Punishment PE Lesson”

    Take care,

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