Housewife Assassin

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I just completed another road trip. I had a very long day Tuesday, driving home. Fortunately, I had this audio book to keep me company. This is not the typical story subject for my reviews – this is not a spanking story. However, there is a well applied riding crop in the opening scene. What this is, is a delightful romping adventure.

If you know who Stephanie Plumb is, and if you wish she was more violent and more erotic, then you will like Donna Stone. This heroine is a single mother working as an assassin. Needless to say, she typically lures her victims in with her body. The sexy scenes are hot enough that you will be glad that you dropped your daughter off before you started the book, but not so hot that you feel the need to hide the book under that mattress.

The plot is predictable, but the story is told in a face-paced, exciting tone. The reader, Melissa Moran, provides a perfect performance as she brings the story to life. I just don’t know how I would have made that last 100 miles without Josie Brown’s story. I will certainly buy the next one in the series when it is released.

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