Yes, oohh YES, Doctor!

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I recently spent the afternoon with Darling Adams. Readers of my reviews will chuckle – “Yea, we already heard that one.” Indeed, I truly listened to the audio book version of her book “Yes, Doctor”. In a word –HOT!

This was my first experience with medical play stories, and not being female – perhaps some of the ‘tension’ passed me by. However, this is every bit as good of a story as suggested by the reviewers of the print version. Thus, I won’t dwell on that. This is a very erotic twist to the Dom/sub relationship with some bondage to the stirrups {{wink}} and I don’t mean to imply there are any cowboys in the story.

Stepping back, I’ve been a fan of audio books for very long time. Over the years, they have steadily improved, become a new media for books with its own characteristics. Just like movies are a different way of presenting a story, audio books are the radio-plays of the new millennium. With the combination of the fast moving – highly visual – story and the very engaging reader (Jack Sterns), this audio book is a pinnacle example of this new means of presenting books/stories. It is very likely that the audio book is better than printed version.

This is also the first story I’ve heard read by Jack Sterns. His performance provided a convincing voice to the dominant Dr. Drake, as well as that of Chloe as she learned to be his sub. In looking at his CV, I see that he has several, even shorter reads to his credit. I’ll be checking into these.

If there is a negative to this story, it is that it ends too quickly. However, its fast pace contributes so much to the heat of the erotic story. So, I can’t subtract anything for this. I wish Darren and Chloe the best, and I hope to hear more of their adventures.

I’ll leave you with the words: “medically induced spanking”. Now, how long are you going to resist looking to see what that means?

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