A new romp…

Enjoy a light-hearted romp. This debut book by Blushing Books newest author follows the twists and turns of an on and off and on again romance –For New and Old Time’s SakeOldTime


Honey blonde, hazel-eyed Kayla Rhodes has led a wonderful life, both in 1995 as a lifeguard and in 2015 Los Angeles with a rewarding career as a beautician. But she feels her life has always missed something integral. The essential element she is lacking now stems from her high school days.

A precious, dark-eyed, black-haired ex-boyfriend named Antonio Morrison disappeared from her reality without warning at the end of senior year, headed off to the Army as a mechanical engineer after his friend was killed. She hated the fact that he vacated her life so abruptly, but she still loves him despite that. He spanked her when she requested it at that juncture, and to this day, he haunts her consciousness.

Her modern days at work are occupied by memories of those days. She wonders if she may run across Antonio once more. Her nights are filled with longing for him, for what might have been. Yet, they never consummated their relationship, officially, in high school.

Their twentieth high school reunion is scheduled soon. Kayla yearns to touch base with Antonio again and investigate whether or not the incendiary spark is still possible with him. She intends on living out her previous fantasies, unexplored with this man she once loved and shared spanking exploits with…



“Come here now, Missy. Don’t keep me waiting,” his voice sounded clear and strong.

“How do you know I’ll do what you say?”

“Because I think you’re too curious not to do it.” Antonio was perceptive and knew me well.

“I am, but what if I don’t?” Kayla tested his patience in a subtle manner.

“Then I’ll be forced to chase you. If I do that, I’ll add five extra swats to the original amount.”

“You drive a hard bargain–no need to do all that. Here I come….”

I ambled to his side as if I were headed to ‘the gallows’ or some other dreadful fate. He smirked at my visible reticence, it amused him. He never laid eyes on my uncovered bottom before, when he had spanked it. It was not appropriate back when we were only eighteen. Now he broached the specific subject with manly aplomb.

“Kayla, I hope it’s not too forward–I want to spank your bare behind until it’s pink.”


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