Masturbation Monday

Who’s up for a little Masturbation Monday fun?  Here is an excerpt from My Pirate Wife :


Not waiting for Harriett’s punishment to end, Evelyn crept back up the stairway to the galley. Busying herself with her cleanup task, she kept an eye on the women on deck. After about five minutes, Harriet and Mr. Livingston appeared from the common room. The other wives formed a shielding knot around the young bride. Embarrassed, her face was the same shade of pink as Evelyn had last seen on her butt.

Feeling embarrassed that she had watched Harriet’s punishment, Evelyn joined the group of women.

“I wanted to stay below, but Daniel forced me to come up. He said I was required to show myself after the discipline.”

“I’m sorry for what happened to you, Harriett,” one of the women said, “but, your husband is correct. You cannot withhold your wifely duties from him for such a long time. Things are different with me and Gerald; we’ve been married longer and occasionally go a month without doing it. But, your poor husband is a youthful man – a newlywed. Being such, lying next to you each night, feeling your womanly warmth – well, the poor chap must be in a constant state of arousal. If you denied him for two months, it would drive him mad.”

“It could make him sterile,” another injected.

“But-but, it’s so embarrassing with all of you sleeping so close by. There are no walls at all!” Harriett wailed.

“We understand that. Did you try what I recommended – using your hand to ease his pain?” Evelyn understood that she was not the only one to make the suggestion.

“I tried to do it, but I guess I just didn’t do it right.” Harriett hid her face. “It just made him angry. Hence, my sore bottom.”

“You should try the French Way,” a woman added. “No man can resist it when you use your mouth.”

“Oh, eek, I thought about it, but I just couldn’t do it.”

“Oh, hush, dearie, it’s not so bad. I give Charley a blow routinely. It keeps him in line, knowing that if he crosses me, I won’t do it.” The woman winked and playfully jabbed Harriett’s shoulder.

“If he’s a gent, he’ll return the favor.”

“Listen, let’s help the girl out. Let’s make a pact – tonight, we will all service our husbands. This way, Harriett will not be embarrassed, and she won’t get another spanking.”

“Indeed, and we will be noisy!”

“But… what about the unmarried men? They are on the other side of the sheet from me!” Harriet whined.

“They will just have to get acquainted with their left hands. I’m certain, that they know how to do it.”

There was a thick bulkhead separating the passengers from the crew’s sleeping quarters. However, the din of passengers’ rutting was easily heard up the stairway in the pantry where she was attempting to sleep.

Unable to fall asleep, Evelyn resorted to her never-fail relaxation technique. Pulling her night dress up to her hips, she opened her thighs. Using the fingers of her left hand to massage her moist opening, her right index finger gently rubbed on her sensitive nub. The sounds of climax from the passengers provided a stimulating effect upon her. In a few minutes, her bliss burst forth waves of pleasure. However, her attempt to put herself to sleep failed.

The passengers were still going at it, when Evelyn got up to take the midnight sighting of the North Star.


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