Whip It uP Wednesday

Ah, time for some work in progress. This excerpt is from my soon to be released title from Blushing Books – Slave Girl on the Half-Shell, by Sterling Scott.


The room was silent save for the sounds of the water on the hull.

“Miss Diana Thorsby, welcome.” The new male voice spoke with thickly accented English.

This was not a question, thus she was uncertain if she should respond. However, in any polite society refusal to acknowledge such a greeting would be an insult. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“My, but you are every bit as adorable as your brother described.”

Diana coughed as she struggled to suppress an exclamation of surprise. The man not only knew her name, this man knew Herbert! This kidnapping was more sinister than a random abduction. For a moment her eyes left the leash on the floor, but she quickly regained the proper focus. As his words had not been a question, she did not respond.

“Do you know who I am?” His voice was soft and unmenacing.

“No, Master.”

He laughed. “For an English woman, you have taken to your instructions surprisingly well.” Diana made no response. “I am Abbas Pasha. Now, do you know who I am?”

“Yes, Master. You are the grandson of Muhammad Ali, the leader of Egypt.”

“Ah, you are very smart. Or, did your brother tell you this?”

“I overheard Herbert discussing the time he spent living in your household.”

“All lies I’m sure. So then, do you know why you are here, kneeling at my feet?”

“No, Master.” She presumed that the answer was more detailed than simply his desire to use her body.

He laughed again. “Your brother has stolen something of great value from me, and now I have stolen something that he treasures – you.” Now she sensed malice in his voice, but she did not respond.

He stepped forward until she could see his shoes. They were golden slippers with jewels sewn into the fabric. His hand held her chin and gently lifted her face until her eyes met his. She was surprised by his youth, he was only ten years older than herself.

“I already have four wives. Thus, you must wait for one of them to die before I can marry you. But, don’t concern yourself with this. It will not impede our time together.” His sickly grin shone down upon her. “You are ready to give yourself to me?”

SlaveGirl1“Yes, Master.”

He laughed. Diana tried to look away, but he shook her chin until her eyes returned to his.

“We will have the most delightful time together. I look forward to giving you many children.” He released her face. “You needn’t be afraid. I will not take your maidenhead today. I will save that delicacy for a time when we can spend hours lounging together in the luxurious comfort of my palace. I want to slowly savor the sensation of my cock invading your tight, vestal pussy. I intend to spend as long as possible pressing the tip of my member against the firmness of your virgin’s membrane. I will wait for you to beg me to take you before I burst through to impale you.”

Diana choked down the lump in her throat.

Again he pulled her chin up until she looked him in the eye. “I have lost count of how many virgins I have taken. Trust me, I know how to do it. I will make you feel pleasures you never thought possible.” Diana swallowed again has she fought to remain stationary. With his free hand he brushed a lock of hair from her face and stroked her cheek. “You must also be certain to give me pleasure. If you don’t… I will sell you and you will not like that one tiny bit.” Diana shuddered; survival was going to me more difficult than she thought. He removed the leash from her neck.

With a yank, he pulled loose the ribbon that held the neckline of her robe closed. As the fabric opened, he pushed it from her shoulders to the floor. While she had grown accustomed to being nude, she was flushed with momentary humiliation as he studied her revealing slave costume. He ran his hand down along her neck to the vest; he traced his finger along the exposed surface of her breasts. He untied the vest and his hand took full possession of her; involuntarily, her nipple peaked and he lightly pinched it. She gasped, but did not resist.


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