Rescuing Diana

It is only a matter of days until my next book is released – Rescuing Diana.

This is an action thriller full of Victorian history, mythology, and space travel adventure — and spanking. Perhaps you can’t imagine how I wove all that together. In less than two weeks, you will find out. But, if you can’t wait, here’s an excerpt:


“Diana, this hurts me more than it is going to hurt you.” Sir Thorsby began all of her paddlings with this statement. However, she never understood exactly what that meant—they both knew that it wasn’t really true. This was not going to hurt him at all. Diana Wells had been Sir Alfred Thorsby’s ward since she was three years old. She knew that he truly cared for her, but he had always remained a bit detached. While she did try to behave and honor his wishes, she all too frequently found herself in exactly this position.

Sir Thorsby opened the desk drawer and withdrew the paddle. Holding her eyes averted, not wishing to look at the punishment implement, Diana rose from her chair and submissively took two steps. She pressed her hips against his desk.

Will he paddle me himself?

She stood silently, waiting to see how bad this punishment was going to be. If he directed her to bend over, then he would be administering the swats himself. Being a gentleman, he would leave her skirt and underskirt in place. These materials provided substantial protection for her derrière, thus diminishing the pain of his discipline.

“Wait here while I get Mrs. Hanover,” he said. Diana grimaced and struggled to swallow the  lump that had just formed in her throat. This was the second alternative. When her guardian determined that a severe punishment was in order, he directed Diana’s governess to administer the swats. Mrs. Hanover had no qualms about raising the misbehaving young woman’s skirts and paddling her on the bare bottom.

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