Saturday Spanking

This Saturday Spanks excerpt is from Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson:


“As my wife you will be spanked whenever I determine it to be necessary.” And then he pats his thigh again. “Now Margaret!”

12799422_101780990224615_2986455273126367043_nMy only course of action as his betrothed – as I surely do accept his proposal of marriage – is to comply with his command. Slowly I rise and traverse the narrow gap between us. Stooping at his side, I lie prone across his lap and rest my upper torso on the couch beside him. My hands reach to grip the fabric of the couch’s arm while my feet remain firmly on the floor in anticipation of the punishment that will soon follow. Slowly he lifts the hem of my gown and then my petticoats. He pauses when the tops of my stockings with their tiny ribbons tied behind my knees are uncovered. Then he resumes his action and when exposure of my drawers is complete, he tugs slowly on the ribbon until the two halves are free to fall open. He lifts the material and my bare bottom is uncovered for my betrothed a second time. The room is warmly heated against the chilly autumn air, yet goose bumps coat my derrière with its exposure. This man has my bare bottom lying before him as I had so many times envisioned within my mind. My belly clenches tightly around my cunny and I feel its tiny bud stiffen.

12974268_588691011307257_8107013195362123561_nCan he see my most private folds?

Wrapping his left arm around my waist, his elbow presses firmly down on my back and the powerful grip of his hand on my hipbone holds me fast to his side while his right hand rests upon my bare fanny. The warmth of his hand calms me, as I know that this will not be a savage beating such as those from Sir Anthony. My betrothed will punish me only from a true concern for my safety.

My first matrimonial spanking is initiated with gentle caresses on my soft skin and then he commences my initiation into my new life as his respectful wife – he begins spanking me.


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