Zero-G Spot

As the title implies, this story is a bit of tease. What if those alien abduction stories were {almost} true? How do you suppose they might do-it in weightlessness? And as my readers have come to expect, I salted this SyFy Space Opera with a load of scientific facts.


Leanne turned to run to the shelter on the north side of the pool, but she was too late.

One of the alien spaceships had already landed between her and the shelter. She watched as the shelter’s heavy steel door slammed shut.

“Oh, double crap!” Stranded, her misguided effort to save Mitch may have been a fatal flaw.

The aliens didn’t attack frequently—only two or three times a year on the entirety of the Earth. Leanne had not given them a single thought as she and Mitch planned their day. However, Saturday afternoons at open-air swimming pools were their favorite time and place to abduct females. No one knew where the aliens had come from. They had appeared shortly after the great famine, two hundred years ago. Leanne had learned in school that there had been a brief war with them, as they attempted to take over the planet. While the Earthmen had been able to fend them off, they could not push them out of the Solar System. The giant blue monsters remained in control of Mars and the other planets.

While defeated in their attempt to possess the Earth, they still attacked and captured Earthwomen. Leanne shuddered to imagine to what purpose they used the girls. She had heard stories. And now, she was in danger of discovering the truth—firsthand.



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