Two For Tuesday

Two for Tuesday – this day was created for the ménage en trios. Yesterday, a friend discussed her first attempt at writing a scene with more than one woman.  I think this is my first such scene. This excerpt is from Betty and the Detective Book Four: Under His Control:


Nude and erect, I return to the living room.  The girls watch closely as I pick up one of the paddles.  With my other hand I grip Collette’s arm and lead her into the bedroom.

I press Collette over the edge of the bed with her bare butt high in the air and her bare feet spread wide on the floor.  I place the paddle on her back as though this could magically pin her in place.  Going back to the living room I retrieve Betty and position her in the same manner beside Collette.

“You two were very naughty tonight.  That behavior in the bar will not be tolerated.”

With the two girls in the same bent-over position as they had been over the pool table in the bar, I begin to hand spank the line of butt cheeks in the same manner as before.  This time, they are nude and I use strong stinger swats.

13312859_10156900288205043_3364406525631607913_nThey squirm in their bondage and try to squeal unformed words, that I expect are pleas for mercy, through their gags.  I continue to hand spank them until their quivering bottoms have turned to a bright pink.

Then, with the fingers of my left hand I reach between Betty’s thighs and begin to massage the hood encasing her firm clit.  I don’t touch the super sensitive nub directly, but tease it.  With my right hand I give Collette the same treatment.  Her little nub is also stiff.  They press back against my fingers and moan as I stimulate them simultaneously.  I press my two thumbs into the two swollen and sopping wet vaginas. The two girls squeeze my fingers hard with their magical kegel muscles.  With their clits lightly pinched between my index and middle fingers, they begin to hump my thumbs in unison as they finger-fuck themselves.

In harmony their breathing changes becoming rapid shallow breaths – almost panting.  A feedback response is created as each one builds upon the response of the other.  The tone of their muffled moans becomes desperate.  They twist and struggle in their bondage as they climb up toward their climax.  Their warm pussies squeeze hard trying to hold onto my fingers as I pull them away.

“Not yet,” I say and their cries of disappointment are muted by their gags.  “You two have been bad girls and will have to earn your pleasure.”  I continue their spankings until their bottoms have regained a nice pink hue.



You might want to start Betty and the Detective from the beginning – Book One: The Triple Dick. Here are some buy links


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One thought on “Two For Tuesday

  1. Savannah Rollins

    Thank you, Mark, for another very nice, tantalizing, seductive excerpt. I loved the phrases ‘magical kegel muscles’ and ‘feedback responses’. 🙂 You bring smiles easily…

    Liked by 1 person


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