Masturbation Monday – August 29

Here is a sample from my latest book: The Pilmico Affair. This is the fourth story in the Lady Detective series, but it is completely standalone.  In this excerpt, 18 year old Adelaide has returned for her final year at the Belgium girls’ school. Upon arrival, she is examined by the school nurse…


When her turn with the school nurse arrived, Adelaide shed her smock and lay nude on the examination table. She had become accustomed to the intrusion of the nurse’s fingers. After examining her general health, the woman’s fingers tapped Adelaide’s bushy mons which was the signal for her to open her legs. Pulling the heels of her feet to her bottom, Adelaide opened her knees wide to expose her most private parts. However, at the school she had long ago learned that she had no privacy. After confirming that her virginity was intact, the nurse tweaked her clit and asked, “Have you been abusing this little fancy article?”
“No, mum.” As she always did, Adelaide lied. After the frequent lectures from the nuns on the need for purity, she had tried to stop. However, the fullness of pleasure her body afforded often called to her. Of course, she never self-polluted at the school. During her first year, she had learned – the hard way – to keep her hands away from her mons. The third-year girls were always on the watch for first and second-year girls who self-stimulated. Notations were made in the offending girl’s punishment books and swats were publicly doled out by the mistresses before the evening meal. As a third-year student, Adelaide would be beyond mortified to be paddled in front of the younger girls.


I bet you will enjoy reading the entire story. Here are the venues where it can be purchased:

PimlicoCoverBlushing Books


Apple iBooks


All Romance

One thought on “Masturbation Monday – August 29

  1. Savannah Rollins

    Poor naughty Miss Adelaide is in quite a ‘self-fueled’ predicament. Readers will look forward to the additional mischief and sexy exploits to ‘cum’ indeed 🙂 Well done as always, Sterling Scott!

    Liked by 1 person


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