Saturday Spankings – September 17th

This excerpt is from The Counterfeit Confederate. Emily is a Union spy during the Civil War and she has been dispatched to London to determine the nature of a secret weapon being developed. Needless to say, this task does have is ouchy moments.

hamiltonx400-1As I had done before, I lay across the table with my feet dangling above the floor. This time, as it was my second offense, Lieutenant Anderson lifts the hem of my skirt up to my back. Thankfully, I had put on drawers! While he must be able to see some of my alabaster fanny through the slit, he does not untie the ribbon to open them. He does however pull the thin linen material taut over my right bottom cheek and then he begins to smack me HARD.

“EEOOWW,” I screech along with the first two smacks before I get my teeth clenched.




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8 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings – September 17th

  1. Savannah Rollins

    Your excerpts are always very vivid, intriguing, fun, and descriptive to read. I appreciate you sharing your well-written talents with us readers 🙂 They are a pleasure to review…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. marksrsterling Post author

      Indeed, I now know the ‘special’ meaning sometimes attached to ‘fanny’. I now know to avoid this word. However, it is sometimes fun to use it (with American characters) just to see the tingle that it causes among some readers. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. marksrsterling Post author

      Emily is pretending to be a southern belle while traveling to London aboard the Great Eastern steamship. As she is an unescorted female aboard a British ship, Lt. Anderson has been assigned to ensure that she does not fraternize with the men. I think you now know what her ‘second offense’ entails. 🙂



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