Saturday Sit-Spank, Nov. 5th

Saturday Sit-Spank! Is your bottom sore—yet? Take a moment to enjoy a snippet from my new book, Prairie Passions. Savannah Rollins joined with me in writing this romance of the old west. In this excerpt, Rose has been kidnapped.  As bad as this is, it will get worse when she learns whose lap she is lying across.


Lying across the saddle upside down, Rose gripped the outlaw’s knee as the horse galloped away. She would wait for a chance to escape. She would wait until he was forced to slow down to make her break.

spankingcowboyAfter five minutes, as expected, he slowed the winded horse to a walk. Grabbing the stirrup, she tried to pull herself down. A strong hand pressed her back into the saddle. The man walloped her fanny with the reins.

“Stay still and be quiet or I’ll pull up your skirt and petticoats and give yer rear end a lesson you won’t soon forget,” his husky accent commanded, and he smacked her fanny again.

No, not another spanking, and by this rogue vandal, to boot.


prairiepassionsLook for this spanking romance of the old west at Amazon. On sale, and FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


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7 thoughts on “Saturday Sit-Spank, Nov. 5th

  1. Savannah Rollins

    Thank you for your nice comment on our book’s snippet, PK Corey 🙂 To Mark, thanks for selecting this adventurous excerpt of our saga to feature on your blog 🙂 Writing this tale was so fulfilling and unique for me, with your experienced guidance and impressive muse’s influence!

    Liked by 1 person


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