Saturday Sit-Spank, Nov. 12th

This week I want to revisit a bright moment in Margaret and the Train Robber. This is the second book in my Lady Detective series. In this episode of the famous Victorian detective’s escapades, Lady Rowan has come out of retirement to assist Scotland Yard. Using her special skills, she directs her attention on gold thieves.

In this excerpt, she is receiving special instructions from Lord Palmerston, known as Pam to his friends. He is instructing her as to the boundaries of her investigation. Readers of the series will not be surprised to learn that she does not always do as she is told.


The excitement of the moment has all but rendered me helpless and I gulp down my wine in a vain attempt to temper my quivers of anticipation – anticipation of his firm hand upon my bottom. He uncrosses his legs and pats his thigh. “Now, I’m sure such a habitually naughty girl as you knows what to do now.”


Sir. You will address me as ‘Sir’ during your discipline.”

14102683_10157259797700043_1713734851390203230_n“Ah, Sir, I really don’t understand what you think I’ve done wrong. I’ve done nothing to warrant a spanking.”

“You were told not to work as a detective – yes or no?”

“Well, yes, of course that is true, but the colonel made a specific request. How could I refuse?”

“Yet, I see in your eyes an intention to do more than simply what the colonel has asked. Let’s not call today’s spanking a punishment; let’s call it a reminder. A reminder of what a proper punishment would be like, should you step beyond the bounds of simply questioning the woman.”

12799422_101780990224615_2986455273126367043_n“Sir, can we not enjoy our wine and consider that your words are a sufficient reminder?”

“I remember very well how you placed yourself at great risk – on more than one occasion. I would not be doing my duty to your husband’s memory if I failed to properly remind you of his wishes.” He pats his thigh again.

I gulp air and stare at his lap. My stomach quivers as I imagine the embarrassment of having Pam spank me.


MargaretandtheTrainRobbers_smalThis Victorian detective adventure details a truth that is stranger than fiction, and can be obtained from:

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Sit-Spank, Nov. 12th

  1. Savannah Rollins

    I enjoy the tension in that pivotal moment, when I know I won’t be allowed to slide out of my earned, ‘just desserts’. You described the emotions well here. It’s a good thing she had wine to take off the edge beforehand 🙂 Well done, Sterling.

    Liked by 1 person


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