Super Monday

Did you see the Super Moon? Sadly, I did not—a rainy night. However, I did see Supergirl {the TV show}. In this week’s action packed episode the damsel of steel got drunk and passed out. Last week, you may recall, she walked into a pair of co-workers having a tryst in the storeroom. Her education continues as her adopted, human sister comes out this week. And then, plutonium saves the planet—now that’s a surprise.


One thought on “Super Monday

  1. Savannah Rollins

    I wish I’d seen Supergirl get drunk and pass out, and catch her co-works in a tryst, LOL. She’s cute and I like her acting. Lately, I’m on Facebook and listening to satellite music channels. These activities are not helping my TV viewing 🙂 I’m missing lots of shows. Too many commercials on the tube anyway, drives me up a wall.

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