Saturday Sit-Spank , Nov. 19

Another wonderful Saturday, and time for some fun Sit-Spanks. Tiptoeing through my Lady Detective Series, this week I am focusing on A Snooper’s Reward. Lady Rowan has hired a new assistant with an interesting skill.

In this excerpt, she is snooping at keyholes to discover the identity of a jewel thief…


311bc71699e7f6d716e13c20d1aafbdbKneeling by the door, I watch the hallway through the keyhole.

Before long, David steps out of his room and enters Lady Rowan’s bedroom. Holding my breath, I wait, and after only a moment he reappears and returns to his room.

f2e0ca8d0c855142b09201a5cd43ecbeHa! We have you.

Quickly, crossing the hallway, I peer through his keyhole. Kneeling on the floor with my face pressed to the door, I look to see where he hides it. Thus, I am most inappropriately positioned when he abruptly yanks the door open.

“In God’s name, who are you?” he exclaims, looking down on the top of my head. “And what the bloody hell are you doing, peeping through my keyhole?”

“Uh, sir, uh I am Mrs. Hampton’s lady’s maid. And, I-I was… admiring you,” I stammer.

13906646_10157186560430043_2886543957826217540_n“You are doing what?” he asks again, but he does not wait for my answer.

Jerking me to my feet, he drags me into his room. Throwing me onto the bed, he closes the door. Whipping his belt free of his trousers, he rolls me to my belly and…


“I asked you a question!” he snarls as the fresh stripe across my butt begins to burn.


This Victorian detective adventure details the true end to the rein of Jim The Penman and can be obtained from:

SnooperBlushing Books


Barnes and Noble

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