Saturday Sit-Spank!

Today I’m feeling Sci-Fi! I’ve been working on the sequel to Love of a Forbidden Planet with Sahalie Blue, and I want to share a bit of the first book with you.

In this excerpt, Amy has just met her first aliens. They are not exactly what she imagined, and they are not interested in interplanetary negotiations.


The three men tugged at the fabric and reached under it to touch her skin. Hands squeezed her exposed globes, and fingers invaded the private space between her thighs. As she kicked and screamed, the seams were opened, and the jumpsuit was pulled down off her shoulders. They turned her over. Lying on her back, she clenched her jaw as they pulled the front seam open. One man held her left arm and leg while another held her right, spreading her. The first, older man touched her breast. Her nipples stiffened as he held them; he lightly pinched them. His hand moved lower. With her legs pulled open, she was helpless as his fingers explored under the fabric. He touched her lady bits. She squeezed her eyes closed and tried not to cry when his finger entered her.

“Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!” she shouted, but her words had no meaning to them. She screamed again and he pulled away. Ignoring her flaying arms and kicking feet, they continued tugging the fabric down. They pulled it off her feet and she was nude.

13886930_10157180294775043_8368279385057367336_nThe men released her and stood back. She stared into their astonished faces as they looked down upon the peach-skinned girl they had pulled out of the animal fur. The older man kicked the remnants of her jumpsuit away as though it might stand on its own and attack them.

Amy swallowed the lump in her throat.

Sensing that they were as afraid of her as she was of them, she once again tried to run away. She managed to stand and take a single step before a powerful arm wrapped around her waist and lifted her from the ground. The alien spun her in the air like a doll and brought her down across his lap as he sat on a fallen log. Before she could do more than squeal, his hand smacked down on her upturned bottom— hard.


He spanked her again and again. His strong hand pelted her butt and set her tender flesh afire.


While I write the sequel, you can enjoy Love on a Forbidden Planet. On sale at Amazon and FREE with Kindle unlimited.


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5 thoughts on “Saturday Sit-Spank!

    1. Sahalie Blue

      Thank you Lilah. We are working on a sequel and it promises to be full of sizzling spankings and steamy hot sex, along with some exciting syfy adventures on alien planets.

      Liked by 1 person


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