Saturday Sit-Spank — Dec 31st

To close the year, I have an excerpt is from Stranded With Charlotte. While my band of travelers is stranded in the airport, they tell stories of their loves. In this segment, Karen is telling of her first time. She has climbed up on the roof, and like the proverbial kitten, she cannot get down…


“What the hell are you doing, Karen?” Jake shouts up to me.

I drag myself away from the edge. Sitting I turn around. I take a deep breath. “I came up looking for you. But, now I can’t get back down.”

“Get away from the edge, and don’t move!” Following his command to me, Jake flies up the ladder. When he gets to me, he sits on the roof beside me. He pulls me into his arms in a giant bear hug. “Are you all right?”

“Ya-yes, just scared.” I begin to cry.

“This is so dangerous. Why did you do it?”

“I don’t know. I’ve seen so many guys scamper up and down; I didn’t think there was anything to it. Getting up was easy.”

He chuckles and strokes my hair. “There-there, Karen, you should not have done that. We practice many times with safety ropes and spotters before ever attempting to climb by ourselves.”

“I’m-I am sorry. I just didn’t think.”

“Yes indeed, you didn’t think. Now, I will help you back down, but first I need to teach you a lesson. You need to learn the importance of thinking before you leap into a dangerous situation.”

14639821_10157582054445043_21691581466692596_n“What do you mean?” I wipe my sniffles away with my sleeve.

“I’m going to spank you.”

“Oh, no, you’re not!” My bravado surges.

“Well, it’s like this. You either admit your failing, and take your punishment like a responsible adult, or you get yourself down.” He releases me and stands. I stare blankly at him and he takes a step toward the ladder.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Sit-Spank — Dec 31st

  1. Meredith O'Reilly

    Hi! I’m filling in for Kathryn as host of SatSpanks again! Oh man! Karen deserves a super severe spanking. I’m glad she got it on top of a roof no less!

    Liked by 2 people


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