Saturday Sit-Spank — Jan 7th

For this Saturday’s spanking lesson, I want to introduce some aliens. You might wonder what it is that the aliens really want when they abduct hapless travelers of the New Mexico desert.  My heroine of The Dead Alien also had such questions. And then she got the answers.

In this segment, she is being trained. But for what?


She was being taught to remain silent, but her desire was to communicate with them. “Take me to your leader,” she said, or something to that effect. They rolled her nude body over and swatted her bottom as though she was a toddler who had taken a cookie without permission. Every time she spoke, they spanked her again, harder. At the time, she didn’t understand that this was a training lesson, but as the lesson progressed – the number of swats on her bare butt, and their intensity, increased with each infraction. The humiliating and painful 13133264_10156830245490043_4200539836005393420_ndisciplinary technique  was a powerful motivator to learn. By the time she finally resolved to stay silent, her fanny was rosy-red and sore. While they apparently could not verbally communicate with her, she eventually got their point – “Shut the hell up!” While they communicated with each other using snaps, clicks, and whistles, the aliens really detested any sound that she made. Once she learned to stay quiet, the punishment for forgetting the lesson, and emitting a vocal sound, was a harsh paddling. For the spankings, they had used the palm of their three-fingered hand. But, for the paddling, they bent her over the table edge and used a flat instrument that could only be described as a paddle. The first few swats were the most painful, and they always made her howl. Then the intensity eased. While the swats still had the sting of a thousand bees, she was able to control her voice. Once she stopped screaming, they would always giver her eighteen more swats, and then stop. This punishment gave her a lasting memory and a bruised butt.



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5 thoughts on “Saturday Sit-Spank — Jan 7th

  1. Meredith O'Reilly

    Hi! I’m hosting for Kathryn as host of SatSpanks again! Your poor heroine! That is quite a spanking. I love your cover by the way. It has a really great sci-fi feel!

    Liked by 1 person


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