His Outlaw Daddy by Jane Henry

Just yesterday, I was riding down that long, boring I-95. Fortunately, I had Jane Henry to keep me alert.

His Outlaw Daddy is a dark western romance pits spoiled brat young woman against a hardened stern outlaw. Alda is kidnapped by Cole. While he holds her for ransom, he demands her strict obedience so that he can keep her safe from the other outlaws. While he demands that she call him “Daddy”, this is the only age-play element to the story. However, the ransom plan breaks down. As it twists and turns, it becomes clear that there is more involved in Jane Henry’s plot than the outlaw’s simple nefarious extortion.

I listened to the book while driving, and Ken Solin’s narration was excellent. His voice inflection changes for the various characters were always clear and understandable.

Amidst spankings, sex, and shootouts, this was a captivating read that kept me wide awake on my travels.

untitledThe audiobook is available Audible.

And the Kindle version at Amazon.

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