Cass’s Roasted Rump — an audio book review

Like the perfect BBQ sauce drizzled over chicken wings, this story is a mixture of spicy roastedspankings and sweet romance – stirring sex and cheeky humor – hmm. There is a point to the food metaphors; Cass is a chef and writes a blog about recipes and cooking techniques. Her bog posts are salted through the story and make it a rather good cookbook. Through a comical sequence of chance encounters, she meets Killian. It’s not much of spoiler to say she finally gets the spanking of her fantasies, but I’ll say no more.

Susannah Shannon’s  story moves quickly and Ava Zilver’s narration is perfect. The audio adaptation is superb.  While the story might seem to move too fast, it is consistent with its vacation romance setting.

Check out the audio version at However, you might want a notepad handy to jot down the cooking ideas. Or, you can get the boring Kindle version at Amazon and have the recipes at your fingertips. Unfortunately, the cooking hints were lost on me. I can boil water to make rice and fry an egg. Otherwise, I prepare only foods containing no more than three lines of microwave instructions.

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