Saturday Sit-Spank — March 18th

Happy Saturday Sit-Spank to you all!

Today I offer a snippet from The Pimlico Affair. This is book four in my Lady Detective series and Queen Victoria has asked Lady Margaret to assist her cousin, Lord Folkston. His illegitimate daughter has been accused of murder. However, this excerpt takes place somewhat earlier. The daughter, Adelaide, has just graduated from a Belgian Girl’s School. She studied art, literature, music, Latin, and mathematics. In preparation for marriage among the nobles and gentry of Europe, she received instruction in discipline, honor, and how to be a pleasing wife for her future husband.

As this excerpt opens, she and her new fiancée, Edwin, are receiving matrimonial instructions from Reverend Dyson…


“Well, Mr. Bartlett, the very fact that you are concerned with this ensures that the Holy Spirit is already guiding you. Spanking is not the only form of punishment. As I have discussed in my sermons, there are other means besides physical pain. You can always utilize these methods until you are more sure of yourself, and until Adelaide presents some transgression worthy of a more severe punishment – a spanking.” The conversation paused for a moment, and then she was not able to discern Edwin’s response. But, Reverend Dyson continued, “I think it would be best if we conduct a trial demonstration – here, tonight.”

Adelaide’s mind raced around what this might mean. She had never been spanked by a man. While her punishments at the school were public, no man had ever seen her bottom before. But, now Edwin appeared to be agreeing to having Mr. Dyson witness – no direct – a demonstration spanking. She dropped a dish, creating a loud clatter.

“Is everything alright, Dear?”

“Yes, Edwin, a dish slipped from my hand, but it did not break.”

Thank God it did not break. That would have earned me a spanking for sure.

“Very well, when you finish, please come join us.”

Adelaide was certain that the spasm deep within her core resulted in a dark wet spot on her drawers. Nonetheless, she forced a smile as she entered the parlor. Without saying a word, Edwin poured and handed a snifter of brandy to her. She took several sips of the intoxicating liquid. Its warmth soothed her.

“Miss Adelaide, I believe that it is time we demonstrate for Mr. Bartlett exactly how a spanking is properly conducted,” Reverend Dyson said.

WE demonstrate!

She swallowed a gulp of the brandy.


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Sit-Spank — March 18th

  1. krblake

    I don’t blame her at all for being nervous. This wasn’t at all what she was expecting, though both the gentleman seem quite comfortable with the suggestion. Most intriguing snippet, Mark.

    Liked by 1 person


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