Saturday Sit-Spanks – April 1st

And this is no April’s Fools tale…

Rescuing Diana is a science fiction story of sorts, written to mimic the works of H. G. Wells and the like. Thus, it is classed as Steampunk. However, I think it is more of a fanciful swashbuckling adventure. My heroine, poor Diana, has a knack for getting into trouble. Her beau, Captain John Bates, goes to any length to rescue her – time and again.

In this excerpt, John first makes his intentions know to Diana…


John again cleared his throat. “But I might also wish to join your suitors.”

As her face flushed, Diana turned away and resumed her stride. “In matters of the heart, you must do what you must do.”


After three more paces, the couple was behind the hedge. Captain Bates followed her glance towards the house. Now aware of her tactical maneuver, he paused to take full advantage of their brief seclusion. He pulled her close. “Diana, may I precede the formal party and ask that I might kiss you?”

Her stomach danced as she tilted her face up to see the tall man’s eyes. Her lips parted as she gasped for air, trying to think of what to answer. John took her change in posture to be an unspoken invitation to advance. He pulled her up onto her toes as he pressed their lips together. The kiss was short, but not without its sensual energy. The fullness of her bosom crushed against his chest; she imagined that he felt her nipples harden.

“Oh, dear!” Diana, gushed and quickly pulled John several steps forward before resuming their former gait. Thus, they emerged from behind the hedge as though there had been no pause. They walked in silence for several more moments. This had been the first time that Diana had actually been kissed—on the lips—in a romantic way.

The sparks reported in the romance novels are real!

Her heart raced as she felt her skin flush. Her Venus itched ferociously. The puffiness between her legs caused her to walk somewhat bowlegged. The insides of her thighs became sticky. She had felt the firm bulge of his groin pressing into her belly; she had felt his cock twitch. She had never before actually felt the protuberance below a man’s belly.

She glanced again toward the house to ensure that they were in full view of its windows. Then, she once again stopped their progress and turned to John. “You may kiss me as often as you like, but we must never be observed. It is strictly improper for me to be with you unchaperoned. And I beg that you don’t press the issue.”

It would mean another paddling for me!

“Aye, I understand,” John said.





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