Saturday Sit-Spanks — April 15th

Exciting news: May 18th the sequel to Love on a Forbidden Planet will be published by Blushing Books. The tentative title for this collaboration between myself (as Sterling Scott) and Sahalie Blue is Love Under the Violet Crown. These two books are Science Fiction stories where future anthropologist seek out and study the habits of alien life. Some of these aliens have pretty interesting habits.

Here is an excerpt of Love Under the Violet Crown.  On the planet Maia-3, our scientists have discovered a population of humanoids living in the Bronze Age. As the scientist observe from a distance, one of the females has been caught pleasuring herself by one of the males…


Nan sprang up, gathered her gown, and ran. With all the speed her fear gave her, she raced away from the pond and into the nearby cluster of silvery willow trees.

Akella picked up his cloak and gave hot pursuit. “Wait! Nan, I only want to talk to you.”

In her haste, she lost her gown. With his strength and speed, he caught up with her and grabbed her arm. “Please stop. I assure you I mean you no harm.”

She trembled as much from the cold as from the embarrassment of being caught in the compromising position. She tried unsuccessfully to shield her breasts and her mound with her hands and arms.

“Here.” He wrapped his cloak around her trembling body.

“Thank you, sir.”

As he turned to start their journey back to the pond, she tugged at his elbow. “I beg you, please, do not tell Papa what you have just seen. He will whip me.”

Uncertainty clouded his face. Then, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. Arms crossed, eyebrows raised, he said, “You were rather naughty, young lady. Swimming and sunbathing in the nude. Tsk, tsk, touching yourself like that. Maybe you do deserve that whipping.”

She tugged on his arm persistently. “Oh, no, please!” She looked down in shame. “I-I was only thinking of you. When I touched myself. I got carried away.”

He cleared his throat and thought for a minute. “But, I do think you should be punished. Otherwise, you will feel guilty, no?” Nan could swear Akella grinned at her. “Would you agree to let me chastise you? I promise, I will never tell your father of your wanton ways.”

She swallowed and nodded as he walked over to a pile of fallen brush. Her eyes followed his every movement as he picked up a small branch and stripped off its leaves.

He swooshed his impromptu switch through the air. He snapped it against the sole of his sandal. Its loud crack made her jump. He sat on a log and patted his knee.

“Are you ready for your punishment?”

Nan stared at the tight, bulging muscles of his biceps. Her core quivered at the thought of bending her body over his lap. An unseen force pulled her toward Akella. She knelt on the ground and slowly crawled over his lap. She felt a chilling draft as Akella pulled the cloak up to expose her nakedness.


I will keep you in suspense as to what Akella does with his captive next.

As you prepare to enjoy this light hearted adventure into the unknown, download Love on a Forbidden Planet to catch up on our space explorers. This is available from Amazon, and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


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