Great story, deserved better performance

Last weekend I drove to Atlanta for the Blushing Books pre-Romantic-Times-Conference. I spend a lot of time on the highways and long ago adopted this time for the majority of my reading. If you are paying attention, your eyebrows just went up, but rest assured, I am not taking my eyes off the road. I’m enjoying audio books.

And this trip was no different, except that I enjoyed a D/s spanking story by Jane Henry and Maisy Archer. Hot, sexy, spanking audio books can be a special challenge for the reading driver {{wink}}.

This is the first book by the duo of Jane Henry and Maisy Archer that I have read.  While part of a series, the book is a stand-alone read.  Tessa and Tony’s friendship evolves into romance as their lives entwine and their relationship takes an unusual path into D/s. This path is tantalizing (if not a bit too slow) but yields steamy spanking experiences.  The book includes several discussions of the D/s lifestyle and how this is not S/M or abuse.

As to the narration… At first I was excited to experience the duo male/female narrators. I hoped that this would add a dimension to the audio reading adventure. However, it fell flat. Ali Peterson should have done it by herself. Jeffrey’s contribution can only be described as painful.

The story is great and, overall, it is an enjoyable audio experience.

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