New SciFi Audiobook


For Every Action: The Quantum Mechanic, Book 1

By Jason Faris

Narrated by: Judy Rounda

This is a highly imaginative and {in my extensive experience with science fiction} a unique story. Jason Faris has wrapped several plot threads together to present scientific and philosophical ideas in a manner you’ve not seen before. These include applications of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, nano machines, quantum effects, religion, and even a little space travel. The advertizing blurb discusses only one of these threads. This is a rather long book and the reader/listener must exercise some patients through the first third of the story as the various plots and characters are developed. While section breaks and other visual clues might help a reader of the physical book sort these out, the audio listener will find the beginning of the book a bit confusing. However, have faith, the threads come together and eventually all make sense.

This is a SciFi story and we must suspend some degree of belief as we allow the writer to create his world. However, in my humble opinion, Mr. Faris took this a bit too far and lapsed from the realm of science fiction to science fantasy. Additionally, several unnecessarily wordy sections present distractions. Some of these are in the middle of high energy action scenes, and thus, really break up the mood for the reader.

The book reader/narrator, Judy Rounda, began the story with an energy all her own. I was very pleased with her use of voice inflections and effects as she helped the listener through the disjointed beginning of the book. However, she lost this zeal as the book progressed and did little more than simply read the story toward the ending.

Bottom line: a rewarding reading experience, but you must put forth some of your own effort to follow the {audio} storyline. Get it at

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