Saturday Sit-Spank – May 27th

Love Under the Violet Crown, the sequel to Love on a Forbidden Planet, is now available! This collaboration between myself (as Sterling Scott) and Sahalie Blue is a Science Fiction story where future anthropologist seek out and study the habits of alien life. Some of these aliens have pretty interesting habits.

Here is an excerpt of Love Under the Violet Crown.  On the planet Maia-3, our scientists have discovered a population of humanoids living in the Bronze Age. As the scientist prepare to abduct one couple, they prepare for something else…


As the sun set, Iva stood on the rooftop of the country house. She loved the view of row upon row of silvery-green leaved olive trees. The house rested on a hill and, from her vantage point, she could view both the sea and the mountains. In the mornings, she was cooled by a soft breeze flowing down from the snowy peaks of the gods. In the evenings, she was warmed by moist air rising from the ocean.

In the enveloping twilight, she stood and faced the sea. Raising her wine goblet in a salute to the rising moon; she thanked Neruz the god of the sea.

Thank you, Neruz, for your gentle, reliable ways. You are just, kind and honest.

Then turning to face the snow-capped mountain, she toasted the other gods. Sipping her wine, she said a prayer of thanksgiving. A bird with beautiful soft downy feathers swooped down. It was the largest sea-bird that she had ever seen. Showing no fear of her, it perched on the buttress and silently watched her.

“There you are.” Archmed joined his wife. He stood for a moment and admired the distant ocean. “Do you ever wonder what lies out there? I mean, just how far does the water go?”

She offered her goblet to him, and he sipped her wine.

“Yes, I do, husband. I wonder such things every day. Just why did the gods create all of this for us. What was their purpose?”

“My mathematics says that the firmament is curved. That means, we can’t see the end of the ocean because there isn’t an ending. Our ancestors have told us that the way to the end of the world leads across the ocean.”

Iva replied, “What you say, Archmed, makes sense. We have been told that this is the way our world was created. The first god sent a flood to destroy mankind for his wickedness. Most of the high mountains were covered, except for the very topmost part of Mount Parnassus. Our savior, Asuse, sent his children in a sailing vessel to live there. They were the only living people in the world. Asuse took pity on them and made the ocean and rivers recede into what we see before us today.” She paused, “But, I am sure I do not know the answer to your question.”

Iva mused. She adored being alone with him. Another advantage of the country house was that all the farm workers and servants lived in separate houses. She and Archmed had the entire villa to themselves. They could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Cala was always available to serve them, or to summon other servants as their needs dictated.

She snuggled in tight, close to his side. He had left his courtesan behind and Iva wanted to show him that she could satisfy his every desire.

“Are you feeling romantic tonight, my little Iva?”

She sighed, “I always get romantic when night falls.”

“It isn’t nightfall, yet.”

“I always get romantic just before nightfall. too.”

He held her upturned face and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs. “Come, my dear, let’s turn in.” Holding his wife’s arm, Archmed led Iva down from the roof to their room.


This SciFi adventure is filled with erotic spankings and hot sex, and is available from Amazon – FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


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