Saturday Sit-Spank — June 3rd


Love Under the Violet Crown by Sterling Scott and Sahalie Blue is both a science fiction and historical romance story. The characters zooming through hyperspace are definitely living the SciFi life. However, the citizens of Maia-3 are Bronze Age Greeks. In producing this book, my co-author and I researched life in ancient Greece – back in the day of the Trojan War – to create our citizens on Maia-3.

Sample here a bit of this life. In this excerpt, Iva (our heroine) is enjoying the betrothal party of her five year old sister, Ali. Iva is reminiscing about her own pending wedding to Archmed…


Once the courtyard filled with guests, Aristo presented the documents attesting to Ali’s dowry and virginity. He proclaimed, “I give this woman for the ploughing of legitimate children.” Iva could not remember having heard these words at her betrothal, but she knew that her father had said them. These were the standard words used to seal every betrothal contract. Iva considered the harsh reality that she was mere fertile ground for her husband to plant his seed. Her greatest contribution to society was the production of more citizens—more male citizens. Athens needed a continuous supply of myrmidons to fight the war.

Ali was given a chastity belt by her future mother-in-law. It was more ornamental than functional: metal parts were gold and jewels were woven into the fabric. A tingle traced along Iva’s spine as she remembered her own chastity belt. She only wore it when she left the house, and that was almost never. She would wear it one more time. On her wedding day, her mother-in-law would remove it. It would then be presented to the goddess Athena as an offering.

While her fate was now sealed, Ali would not actually marry for another ten years, when she became a real woman.

With the legal portion of the ceremony completed, the children were sent to bed and the guests turned to the festival prepared by Aristo and Lysia. Iva lounged with the other unmarried women. They drank wine and ate fruits carried by the slaves. These young women were citizens and more than half of them were related to Iva. However, like her, they were confined to their homes. Thus, they rarely had opportunities to meet.

The young women giggled as they gazed upon the gathering men. Many of these men were betrothed to the girls. Iva watched as concubines attempted to seduce her elder brothers and cousins. Her father employed two concubines for the entertainment of his visitors. These women lived in the common rooms. However, for the festival he had hired half a dozen more for the pleasure of his guests. These were the only women permitted to converse with the men. When an unmarried woman engaged a man in conversation, one to which she was not related, observers would assume that she was offering herself for sex.

If Iva approached and conversed with an unrelated man, then her virtue would come under suspicion. Archmed might then reject her. The embarrassment of the scandal would force her father to disown her. Tossed out onto the street, she would have no other means of supporting herself than to join a brothel. Iva shuddered at the thought.

Then she spotted Nan. Iva’s older, illegitimate, half-sister trailed in their father’s wake. There were several other female metics within the gathering of men. Despite the knowledge that Nan would never marry, Iva was jealous of her. She envied Nan’s ability to mingle with the men. Nan was not a concubine, but she was not a virgin either. Iva knew that their father, Aristo, was introducing Nan to eligible men. Not men eligible for marriage, but men who might be seeking a courtesan. Nan was free to choose whoever she wanted. She was free to fall in love, but if she expected Aristo to provide his support, she would choose a man who could expand the family’s sphere of political influence.

Iva’s eyes fell upon Archmed. She watched as one of the concubines fed him grapes.

Why do men have such an insatiable need for sex?

Iva didn’t understand why men desired to have relations with so many women, so many times more than necessary to procreate. There was no significance associated with these unions; it was just something that they did. Iva had witnessed the act many times and knew the various positions used. She had watched her parents unite, she had watched men use her father’s concubines, and she had watched the slaves couple. At this moment, two of the concubines were servicing her father’s guests while their wives pretended not to watch.

Archmed was twice her age and she knew that he had an illegitimate son by his courtesan, who accompanied him on the military campaigns. The bond between a man and his courtesan was a legal arrangement wherein he agreed to support her and her children while she agreed to serve only him. Men were free to associate with as many women as they could afford.

However, as a citizen female, Iva would be stoned to death if she were to lie with any man other than her husband. Iva did not quite understand why married men required courtesans, but it seemed that they did. “Marriage is for producing legitimate heirs. Courtesans are for love,” Iva’s mother had told her. Admittedly, Iva did not love Archmed. She barely knew him. However, she did hope that one day their union would develop into one of love. She wanted him to discharge his courtesan and lie only with her.






So, what do you think Iva will do to sway Archmed to her intentions? Let me simply say that spanking scenes abound in Love Under the Violet Crown, available from Amazon, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.



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3 thoughts on “Saturday Sit-Spank — June 3rd

  1. krblake

    I agree with Leigh. I have a feeling Iva is going to do something which will put her in disfavor with her betrothed and father, I’m just not sure what the repercussions will be. The fact she could be stoned to death is brutal in and of itself. Seems to me they’d have to check to make sure she wasn’t pregnant before putting her to death though. This premise has so many possibilities… Well done, both of you.

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