Saturday Sit-Spank – August 12th

I’m still in the mood for some Western action — hard riding cowboys and their naughty ladies. It’s no surprise that they frequently land over someone’s knee. Prairie Passions is just such a Western. Penned by myself and Savannah Rollins, this is the story a young woman’s adventure to find a husband. Her problem is, there are too many suitors…


Jackson Wright had left the Prescott ranch early in the morning for an appointment with the Casper Mercantile Association. However, he had missed the morning stagecoach and had to walk back to the ranch house to seek someone who would take him in the buggy to Casper. He hoped that ‘someone’ would be Rose.

Perhaps I missed that stagecoach on purpose.

However, as he walked along the expansive wraparound porch, he caught sight of a motion through the window into Jeremiah Prescott’s study—a sight that froze him in his tracks.

Rose Anna Prescott, the love of his life, was sprawled across her father’s desk. The man was raising her skirt and petticoat. He was paddling her behind. Jackson was mesmerized by the taut, virgin-white fabric of her bloomers that adhered to her round bottom. He watched as Jeremiah brought the paddle down. He watched as her soft flesh flexed under the impact. Magically, it was all happening in slow motion.

“Eeeooww,” she wailed with the impact.

“Let this change your feelings then, stubborn gal,” Jeremiah said, and paddled her again and again.

“Ouch, Pa, I’m too old for this.” However, she did not struggle to free herself, or attempt to shield her backside with her hands.

Jackson peeked through the window at this spectacle as it escalated. Oddly, his manly nature stiffened in his trousers with the sight of her bottom’s curves. His rod ached when he contemplated doing the same thing to her, paddling her as her husband. Shamed by his response, and at his voyeuristic behavior, he scurried away.


Prairie Passions is available from Amazon and is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


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