A review — Smuggler’s Bride

If you like romances with lots of historical detail,

If you like England’s Georgian period,

If you like spanking stories,

Then you will want to check out Vanessa Brook’s new addition to her Masterful Husband series:

The Smuggler’s Bride

Poor Primrose is mistaken for her fiancée’s sister and abducted by the smuggler, Jago. When the strong willed woman rebels, he loses no time in demonstrating who the boss is. After a harrowing escape, Primrose’s fortune goes from bad to worse when her fiancée rejects her as a tarnished woman for having spent the night with the smuggler. No loss, she didn’t love him anyway. From here, a romance develops as she is forced to marry Jago. Their futures linked, adventures begin.

This well-researched romance of England’s Georgian period is filled with historical detail. The reader will have to pay close attention to the nuances to capture the author’s full story, aficionados of historical romance will be rewarded.

{{zoom over to Amazon to check it out}}

Or, see even more detail from my earlier post.

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