Saturday Sit-Spank — June 30, 2018

For this Saturday Spanking I want to present the plight of a Union spy in London. In The Counterfeit Confederate, Emily is from a Northern family; her father is a general. Thus, Lincoln found her to be the perfect spy to infiltrate the Confederate scientist laboratory in London. However, before she can learn the secrets of the South’s new weapon, she must first cross the Atlantic. Aboard Britain’s Great Eastern, she runs afoul of English rules and straight into the hands of Lt. Anderson. Will she learn of the meaning a proper spanking?


“Emily, sir,” I say in response to Captain Harrison’s inquiry, “my name is Emily Tidwell.”

“Young lady,” the captain ignores my name, “you are a second class passenger and are thus required to remain in those assigned areas. You are not to enter the crew areas of the ship again. Furthermore, you are an unmarried female and are not permitted to wander about where men are present. Lieutenant Anderson,” the captain proclaims to the officer beside him, “order in the second class cabin is your responsibility so I leave you to deal with this incident as you see fit. However, as the young lady is an American and not born to our English sense of order and discipline… and as this is her first offence you have my permission to tread lightly though I do insist that you dispense with the matter here and now.”

Lieutenant Anderson is about ten years my senior, tall, clean-shaven and extremely handsome. Also in the day cabin are another officer and the mate who found me. Never taking his eyes away from me, Lieutenant Anderson clears the chart table and waves his hand over it. Not understanding the meaning of his gesture, I don’t move and soon he grips a significant bundle of my frock’s material from the small of my back and with his strength he easily hoists my torso and hips up onto the chart table such that I am face down with my feet dangling above the deck.

He then proceeds to spank my bottom with his bare hand!

While Mother, a daughter of a traditional French family, had never been one to spare the rod with Lilly and me, it was during the year we spent in London that my Father took up the responsibility for our discipline. When I was twelve years old he had been assigned as a Naval Attaché for the American Consulate in London. Father had many conferences with English naval officers and he had learned, that naughty insolent children – most specifically girls – were not to be tolerated. Additionally, respectable fathers of such children were those men that took these matters under their own hand.

While I am not now a child aboard this ship, I am an unescorted female and thus during my tenure aboard Lieutenant Anderson is the male responsible for my behavior.

While he ‘tread lightly’ in so much as he does not raise my skirt, but merely spanks me through its material, he does not withhold the intensity of his smacks. For the duration of this painful ordeal I yearn to have my petticoats. To the entertainment of the other men I kick and scream through the first ten smacks.

“Sir,” I squeal, “I have learned my lesson…  please stop!”

Then I remember that I would not be an English disciplined girl until I take the punishment without resistance or exclamation. Therefore as I had been taught during my last journey to London, I grit my teeth and cross my ankles to still my feet. Lieutenant

Anderson gives me five more of his firmest whacks before he gives my left bottom cheek a final squeeze through the thin material of my skirt and drawers alone. The heat from his hand further inflames my bottom and my skin blushes from head to toe.


In The Counterfeit Confederate, Emily’s adventures are far from over. Her relationship with Lt. Anderson is also far from over. This spanking spy story is fresh from the pages of history and is available from:


Barns & Noble,

Blushing Books


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