Saturday Spanking — May 4, 2019

Today, let’s look to the stars. In my youth, I always enjoyed how Robert Heinlein incorporated spanking into his Science Fiction stories. In keeping with that tradition, Sahalie Blue and I (aka Sterling Scott) imagined how a Starship might encourage discipline on those long, long voyage between the stars.

In this clip from Love Under the Violet Crown, Dr. Julie Patterson is about to learn something interesting about her new boyfriend, Lt. Harold Hunter…


When the young woman’s conversation with the economist ended, and she pivoted around, Mario shifted towards her. The small clique surrounding him reflexively shuffled to envelop the woman into their conversation.

“And, sir, were you also at the Battle of Corvus-3?” Tarik Madei, a new member of the ship’s medical team asked. He pointed to the service ribbon attached to the sash Mario wore over his gold-colored jumpsuit.

“Indeed,” Mario answered. “I was on the surface serving under Dr. Toller.” Captain Alvarez never contradicted the established narrative of his and Amy’s exact role in the battle. He struggled to suppress a smile as he thought of the sexual implications of his statement.

The truth of the matter is stranger than fiction, he mused to himself.

Mario watched as Julie’s attention now focused on him. From her description of their mission while at the dinner table, he surmised that Amy had not yet told the young woman the truth of what she would be tasked to accomplish.

Amy deserves another paddling.

“So, you knew Professor Kart Wilhelm?” Tarik asked.

“Well, I knew of him. We were on the ship together for nearly two years, but I never had any conversations with him. I was a junior officer at the time. Even back then he was considered to be a great man.” Mario turned to Julie and touched her shoulder. “Dr. Patterson, are you aware of the other contribution Dr. Wilhelm gave to the Space Service?”

“Uh, no, sir.”

Mm, she’s lying.

Mario witnessed a glint of recognition behind her eyes. However, he was not surprised that she was embarrassed to discuss the matter.

“Indeed,” he instructed, “it was he who observed the practice of corporal punishment among primitive populations. His research concluded that spanking discipline was a natural phenomenon among intelligent species. His observations led to our current practice of shipboard discipline. The cohesive order our crews achieved was probably as much responsible for our success over the Barbas as was the increased production of lanthanum.”

He smiled and watched Julie squirm. He wondered how long it would be until she received a spanking. The ship had a dedicated discipline officer aboard, but Mario knew that Amy preferred to personally apply corrective measures to her own assistants. However, she had never had a female assistant.

“Over there,” Mario indicated a stout, matronly woman, “is our Corrections Officer, Mrs. Hannah Hazelton. Dr. Wilhelm concluded that submission to a woman—a strong, motherly type—afforded a vastly more effective behavior modification for both males and females.”

He watched as all of the new crew members shuffled, glanced at Mrs. Hazelton, and then stared at their feet in obvious discomfort.

“You should all avail yourselves of the opportunity to meet her—under these circumstances. Of course, some women prefer to be spanked by a man, and they are afforded this right. Our Captain of the Guard, Marine Lt. Harold Hunter takes charge in these cases,” he concluded.


Love Under the Violet Crown is a SciFi tale that explores a possible truth behind Greek mythology.

Can Lt. Hunter restore discipline to the ship? Can Julie bring peace to the natives? And what is her secret mission?

This book is available from Amazon and is FREE with Kindle Unlimited:

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You can read the first chapter by clicking here.

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