Saturday Spanking – August 16, 2019

This week I am returning to my roots in Victorian spanking mysteries. This is an excerpt from the first book in my Lady Detective Series, before Margaret Rowan became Lady Rowan. Here we have Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson experiencing the final lesson of the book…


“Sir,” I begin speaking very slowly, “I must express my sincere apology. I truly do see that my actions were unnecessary and frivolously dangerous. Please trust me when I pledge that I will forever hold your instructions foremost in my mind during completion of my assignments.” The image of Captain Stuart standing behind me while holding a riding crop pops into my mind’s eye.

“Humph.” He adjusts his monocle and studies me, seemingly unconvinced by my contrition. “Hmm, forever…” This was the one word of the most heartfelt apology I’ve ever expressed that he takes to heart? But, he continues, “Yes, that is our next subject as we will address the final disposition of your disrespect for my commands in a moment. However, at this moment I have something more important to propose. As I stated earlier, I can see that this experience has completed your maturity and that it is now time for me to complete your father’s final wish and take you as my wife… forever.”

Again I gasp for air to breathe and clutch my fist to my breast. While a less romantic man might never be found, his heart is clearly with me. The quiver deep in my belly erupts sending a shiver along my spine.

Sensing my inability to speak at this moment he continues, “Yes, and as you now are my betrothed, Margaret, I now have the authority to spank you myself… and to complete your punishment for the aforementioned transgression.” He leans slightly back into the couch and pats his thigh. “I expect that you will now… assume the position.”

“Sir, I—”


To see how Miss Rowan’s lesson progress, and to learn how she catches her woman, read Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson.

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