Pre-Order September 3rd

My short story, Gateway to Gaia,  is included in this anthology.

I have joined a concerned group of Male Authors who have decided to write new stories and donate the proceeds for this Box Set to THE CANCER SOCIETY. Everyone has been touched by this horrible disease. This focus is on PROSTATE CANCER — with Mark DavisTom SpeedFredd CarrollMark S. R. Sterling and Author Brian McCord. Please pre-order this amazing collection. The more books that are purchased the more donations will be made, and the more research will be funded to put an end to Cancer.


Gateway to Gaia is a combo detective – SciFi story with some erotic hints. Here is something to tease you:


She was wearing a light-blue dress. His eyes took it all in, starting with the low neckline. From there down, the dress molded to the curves of her upper torso to a high waistline. Below this, the skirt flared with oversized pleats. The effect was to create the illusion of a smaller waist than she really had. She did not need to be self-conscious of her body with George; he already knew exactly how her body was shaped. In fact, he was slightly disappointed in how the flared skirt hid the curves of her bottom. Consoling him was the fact that the skirt highlighted her legs.

He admired them too. He would have preferred her to be bare-legged, but she was wearing suntan-shaded nylons. He wondered if they were stockings. If he were to slide his hand up one of those thighs, would he find the tops of old fashioned stockings? Would he feel her bare skin extending to her panties and garter belt? Or, was she wearing the more popular pantyhose? In the latter case, would she be au naturel with no panties between the thin fabric and her skin?

He wondered if she was into bondage. Would she enjoy role-playing with his handcuffs? His cock twitched, thinking how his brass headboard was ideal for such adventures. Was she kinky enough to allow him to tie her feet to the footboard with her own stockings?


💠.❁.•°*”˜˜”*°•.❁.💠.❁.•°*”˜˜”*°•.❁. 💠

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