Two 4 Tuesday — August 27, 2019

Imagine, if you will, finding these two…

Or four depending on how you count.

And now, you can enjoy this pair:

Two short stories from the Passion Quest series for only 99 cents each.

Sex & the Single Surveyor — Anthropologist Julie Patterson and her engineer boyfriend Caden have landed on the planet Maia-3. Julie is surveying the planet with the hope of finding intelligent life. When she and Caden unexpectedly stumble upon a humanoid male and female in the throes of sexual passion, they abandon their scientific training and follow their primeval urges. Throwing caution to the wind, their unrestricted cavorting has unintended consequences for them both.

Amazon and FREE with Kindle unlimited.


A Roll in the Hay — The burgeoning town of Payson is the westernmost stop on the railroad. The collection of ranches, a general store, the boarding house, and the saloon is beyond the reach of traditional law enforcement. They keep the peace their own way. A saloon girl who takes advantage of a sleeping customer can expect a humiliating punishment in the town square.

Simon and Ciera are on the trading vessel Solon. While hauling uranium from the Hyades star cluster, they pause to explore the Chi star system. Detecting intelligent life on the fourth planet, the husband-wife team takes a closer look. Unexpectedly, they observe an alien man and woman tangled amongst the hay stacks, engaging in a very humanoid preoccupation: sex.

Amazon and FREE with Kindle unlimited.

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