Saturday Spanking — October 12, 2019

This week, lets explore an underworld where the panties come down and the bottoms get spanked.

When questioned by homicide detectives, Amanda was compelled to tell the truth…

“How many naked women?” Roger asked.

“A dozen or so. I never took off my panties. It was our first time, and I was too embarrassed,” Amanda replied.

“Did anyone spank you?” Roger’s interest was really peaking.

“Yes. I was stripped as part of a game. My clothes were auctioned off. And the guy who bought my bra got to spank me while everyone watched. Then a couple of others spanked me too.”


Undercover With Betty is murder mystery. Betty, a governess by day and a spanking party hostess by night, haplessly falls into the crack between murdering mobsters and the police. Both sides think she is working for them. But, who really has her loyalty?

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