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Masturbation Monday — Nov. 20th

I’ve heard it said:

Boyfriends come and go, but vibrators keep you coming and coming.

This link has some interesting words of wisdom, which I will borrow without permission below…

Vibes are not just for masturbation. After you learn how to bring yourself off, you can include them in your activities with your partner. Highly unlikely your man will be resistant to the idea. He will enjoy one too, though probably not at the high setting you enjoy. And, you can add some self-stimulation while he is pounding away (most conveniently from behind). One of the sexiest things you can do, is to have him watch while you do what you do when alone {{wink}}


Vibrators have been around a long time. It’s time you owned one, or three.

Saturday Sit-Spank – Nov. 18

Here we have a short clip from Stranded With Charlotte. This book reflects my real-life experience stranded in an airport. My fellow passengers and I had too many beers and shared some hair-raising experiences in life, love, and sex.

This clip reflects Karen’s loss of virginity…


With his big, thick hand, he resumes spanking my bare bottom. It does hurt, but I don’t complain. Then, he initiates a strange oscillation with the intensity of the swats. While he still alternates cheeks – one swat each – he is now altering their intensity. First, he gives three stinging smacks. And then, he gives three really painful SMACKS. Then he repeats the pattern.

“What are you doing? Playing some sort of tune on my ass?” I ask.

He chuckles. “No, you were asking for help. This is how you ask for help in Morse Code.”


“You know, SOS – dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot.” He continues the spanking repetitions as he calls out the signs.

Giggling, I scarcely feel the pain of the final three SOS sets. The pulsations so close to my pussy have lit a fire inside me. My clit is now hard, and screaming for attention.

Stop this nonsense and diddle my clit; make me come.

When he finishes my spanking, I start to get up. Once again, his firm hand in the center of my back holds me in place.

“What now?”


Stranded With Charlotte demonstrates that the best path between two points is not always a straight line. The book is available from:


Blushing Books

A host of ebook sellers via Books2Read


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