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Saturday Sit-Spank – July 22nd

It’s Western Week in the ole Sterling household. Eating beans cooked over an open fire, drinking coffee without filtering the grounds, and watching John Wayne in the Searchers.

So, here is a tidbit from my Old West adventure, South Pass Brides. Olga is a widow traveling the Oregon Trail. Thomas is a scout responsible for her and two other widows. As you might expect, this is a romance with lots of spanking. In this clip, Olga has been a naughty young woman and Thomas is just the man to teach her a lesson…


Suddenly, the dark, mahogany paddle was in his hand. She had not seen him pick it out of the pile of trade goods. With wide eyes, she watched as he slowly, deliberately rolled up his right sleeve. Clearly, her promise alone was not going to be sufficient.

“Take your dress off,” Thomas commanded.

Olga reached behind her back and fumbled with the buttons until the material slid down her legs.

“The underskirt too.”

She pulled the free end of the ribbon that held the waistband tight. As the knot slipped loose, this fabric also pooled around her ankles.

“Turn around and bend over your trunk.”

Wearing only her chemise, she complied. The cool night air chilled her bottom, but she knew it would be blazing hot very soon. Despite her fear of the looming pain, her arousal sent moisture oozing into the damp folds of her womanly flesh and along the insides of her thighs.

Thomas’s hand pressed down on the small of her back. Without warning or any warm-up swats, he brought the paddle down hard on the under curve of her bottom.

“Yow!” she squealed.

He smacked her nine more times in exactly the same spot. The rapid whacks of the paddle set a continually building fire on her flesh.

“Please,” she wailed, “not the same spot! It hurts too much!”

He grunted and shifted his target to her other sit spot. Ten more whacks landed in rapid succession sending her into a sobbing, screaming fit. There was no hiding her punishment from everyone in camp.

Then, he stopped. She gasped and struggled to silence her cries. She heard the paddle drop to the floor. In the sudden silence, she heard the succession of loud smack and yelps emanating from Charlie and Rosalie’s wagon. She imagined the crowd’s enjoyment of the entertainment provided by the two women.


South Pass Brides is available from:


Blushing Books


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Sharing Backstage

SharingtheBackstage CvrFinalI had the good fortune to meet Ms Paige Parsons at the Blushing Books Conference in Atlanta. She traveled all the way from Japan just to share a drink with me {or so I like to think}. She is a creative mind, enjoying the world of make believe. Her first love is the theater, but she also graces us with her writing. With an undergraduate degree in Communications-Broadcast Journalism/English-Creative Writing, a graduate degree in Elementary Education, and ABD for her doctorate in Education-Brain Research, she is also a remarkable conversationalist.

Her new novel captures some of her 25 year collection of stories around the stage. She has been an actress, stage manager, and production manager, thus, she knows everything.

So, enjoy Sharing Backstage

Blushing Books


So, you finally did something that couldn’t be solved with a quickie on the office futon.


What happens when the girl who runs from everything finally decides to stay put?

Harper Harrison is an accomplished, independent, and vibrant young woman. As a freelance production stage manager, she’s no stranger to being in charge. She knows how to get the impossible done, even if she has to take a few shortcuts for the sake of theatre magic. She has one fatal flaw, though. When things get complicated, uncomfortable, or she even thinks they might go wrong, especially in her personal life, she bolts.

Lucas Mason is a fellow freelancer, and when they work the same show, sparks fly. They share a love of the stage and high stakes sex. They’ve christened nearly every location backstage unashamedly, but Harper wants more. Lucas makes every effort to keep her at arm’s length. He blames it on their crazy schedules, but Harper believes something more is going on.

They reconnect after an extended break and Harper is shocked to find out that Lucas is now her boss. He has a dominant streak that he isn’t afraid to display, and she isn’t a fan. Answering to Lucas takes more than a little getting used to, and after a trip or two over his knee, she decides that maybe a relationship with him is more than she bargained for, after all.

Harper leaves town to chase her Broadway dream and to take comfort in the familiarity of her ex-boyfriend. New York isn’t home, though, and Harper has to face the truth of her situation. The easygoing man she’s with isn’t the one she wants or needs. Lucas is three thousand miles away, and he has no intention of chasing her.

To have the life she wants, Harper will need to face all of her demons, confess her transgressions, and accept her punishment. It’s the only way they’ll ever find themselves sharing backstage again.

Publisher’s Note: This work contains depictions of adult sexual activity and adult domestic discipline. If you would rather not be exposed to such topics, please don’t read this book.


Her door opened and closed quickly, with the loud click of the lock connecting. When her pacing turned her back to it Harper saw Lucas standing there, arms crossed and a penetrating glare.

“You ever hear of knocking?”

“I doubt you would’ve heard me, although anyone coming down this hall could sure hear you. What’s going on, Harper?”

“Nothing. Forget it.”

“No, we are not doing this. You say nothing and forget it, and then they’ll be another blow-up. It’s what you do when you don’t deal with things. You don’t pretend with me.”

“When you get your degree in psychology, then you can talk to me about my lack of coping skills.”

If she had been paying more attention to his movements instead of nursing her rage, Harper would’ve noticed the door being locked and the closing of the blinds on her glass side panel window. Unfortunate for her she decided to top her tirade by turning her back on her severely perturbed boyfriend. Pressing the full front of his body against her back, Lucas leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“You have thirty seconds to rethink your last comment and retain your right to talk from an upright position.”

The hairs the back of her neck began to rise along with the prickles of goose flesh running from the back of her neck and down her arms. It was his closeness and the soft intensity of his voice that kept her from turning around on her own. Her pause to check her own reaction to his words and actions made her reflexes slower than his thirty-second ultimatum.


Saturday Sit-Spank – July 1st

A new month and here is a tidbit from a book Sahalie Blue and I have penned. This anthology of five stories is titled A Sterling Maid For You and is filled with sexy naughty maids. In this excerpt from To Catch A Maid, Tanya, prepares to disciple a maid accused of stealing…


Gary Grant watched as Mrs. Sterling took a deliberately long time tugging on the elastic leg-holes of Kelly’s panties. She pulled on the black fabric until its shape matched the suntan lines on Kelly’s bottom.

Kelly doesn’t use a tanning salon.

After a final pat, as though judging the distance to her target, Tanya began light smacks on the taut surface of Kelly’s panties with the wooden spoon.

Gary’s cock pulsed with the sound of the first impact. He watched Kelly’s almond-shaped eyes squeeze shut. He knew from their previous conversations that her mother was Japanese. He had always enjoyed how she favored her mother’s ethnicity with her heart-shaped face and nearly jet-black hair. However, her eyes were those of her father’s with a bluish-green color. Gary had always been fascinated by her exotic appearance.

Oh, so pretty and quietly attractive.

She had told him that her father had been an American Marine stationed on Okinawa. Her parents had married in Japan, but she had been born in Fresno, California.

Kelly grimaced, but made no sound. Mark and Gary shifted to the edge of their seats as though watching their favorite football team line up on the five-yard-line for a rush into the end zone. Tanya continued her metered whacking of Kelly’s bottom. As Gary had often noticed,

Kelly’s skimpy maid’s uniform had left little of her trim body to the imagination. However, as she was now more scantily dressed, Gary found the rhythmic tension and release of her never before seen butt muscles to be a mesmerizing sight.


A Sterling Maid For You is available from:


Blushing Books


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