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Two 4 Tuesday — June 25, 2019

If you like these two…

You’ll love these two:

Two sexy tales of detective adventure with Lady Strangways:

Arsenic and the Socialite – In 1857 a Frenchman living in Glasgow, Scotland has been murdered., but there are too many suspects.

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Diamond Mountain: In 1870, the world’s largest diamond field is discovered in American Indian country. Through the desert and chased by Indians, Lady Strangways finally scales Diamond Mountain to find the secret of the treasure.

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Fiction, with a dose of facts

Truth is stranger than fiction. Truth enhanced with some fiction spice is a great adventure.

Take for example the case of the sewer worker who found the underground entrance to the gold bullion vault in the Bank of England. Take this story and spice it with a Lady Detective and a bit of spanking, and voilà — you have Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson.


I again followed.

This opened into a small room nearly identical to the cellar room below Barnet House and the man was already stepping up a short stone stairway to stand upon a small landing. However, the landing appeared to be a dead end. Not to be thwarted, the man began removing a stone from the wall, using a tool from his bag. Placing this stone on the landing floor, he set to work removing another. Shivering, I watched him remove thirty stones over the course of the next half-hour, placing the stones on the floor in a specific pattern so he could easily replace them in the exact reverse order. Thus he created a space large enough for him to pass through. Once again he disappeared into the opening and I crept up the stairway to look closer. As before, while his dim light was gone I could see absolutely nothing until I reached the pile of stones by the hole through which he had passed. I could then see his dim light as I poked my head through the small hole.

My heart nearly stopped dead when I saw him removing a brick of solid gold from a pile on the other side of the wall. I had never before seen such brilliant pure gold, but knew instantly what it was. Then he removed another and replaced the stolen gold bars with plain stone bricks from his bag. He had obviously removed several of these on previous trips and replaced them with plain stone bricks as was evident by their positions within the pile.

With a burst of clarity I suddenly understood completely.


There is more information about Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson – click here.

Available at: Amazon US, Amazon UK. Blushing Books, and Barnes & Noble


Will someone please help this girl…

It’s 1840 and the hapless Diana Wells has been kidnapped from her London home by the Arabian pirate Abbas Pasha. You see, Diana’s brother stole something from Abbas, and he has retaliated.

Let’s peek in and see what happens next…


Abbas stepped forward until she could see his shoes. They were golden slippers with jewels sewn into the fabric. His hand held her chin and gently lifted her face until her eyes met his. She was surprised by his youth, he was only ten years older than herself.

“I already have four wives. Thus you must wait for one of them to die before I can marry you. But don’t concern yourself with this. It will not impede our time together.” His sickly grin shone down upon her. “You are ready to give yourself to me?”

“Yes, Master.”

He laughed. Diana tried to look away, but he shook her chin until her eyes returned to his.

“We will have the most delightful time together. I look forward to giving you many children.” He released her face. She stole a moment to glance around the room before she returned her stare to the floor. In most circumstances, the room would be considered small. But, for a shipboard accommodation, it was large. However, the only piece of furniture was his chair, with a variety of pillows and cushions arranged on the floor.


This is only the beginning of the adventure for Diana. Fear not, her lover, Captain John Bates, will not let her down. This Steampunk adventure is filled with strife for Diana, and enjoyable reading for you.

More information is available by clicking here.

Rescuing Diana is available from:
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Masturbation Monday — June 17, 2019

Our self exploring heroine for the week is getting ready for an out-of-this-world adventure. Little does she know, as her fingers seek out her Venus, that she will soon be immersed in the planet of pleasure. This excerpt is from Rescuing Diana


BotticelliSmallThat night, Diana’s mind raced with excitement. Sir Thorsby had been persuaded to agree to his sister’s plan. Herbert and John were indeed accompanying them to London. Diana could not find sleep as visions of London danced in her head. She had not been to the great city for two years. With the memory of John’s kiss on her mind, she used her fingers to caress her lady parts. Recalling the twitch of his cock against her belly pushed her over the edge. The fullness of pleasure finally allowed her to relax into slumber.




RescuingDianaCoverThis Victorian Science Fiction story is reminiscent of those written by my idol, H. G. Wells. See if you can spot his cameo appearance. The book is available from:

Blushing Books


Barnes and Noble




Saturday Spanking — April 13, 2019

So, have you finished your taxes yet? I know I have.

This Saturday’s excerpt is from The Counterfeit Confederate. Emily is a Union spy during the Civil War and she has been dispatched to London to determine the nature of a secret weapon being developed. Needless to say, this task does have is ouchy moments.

Here, Emily has been caught sneaking off with a fellow passenger, David. They have amorous intentions, but Lieutenant Anderson has other ideas…


However, we only get half a dozen paces along the corridor when a mate grabs my arm. “Sorry bloke,” he says to David as he pulls me away from him, “you picked the wrong bird.” Then turning to me as David scampers away, the mate says, “Lieutenant Anderson has asked to speak with you in the Purser’s Office.” Without releasing my arm he leads me to Lieutenant Anderson and then stands in the open doorway watching our exchange.

“Miss Tidwell, I thought I had made my position clear,” the lieutenant snarls.

“Yes sir, but I thought I was allowed in the mess hall,” I reply defiantly.

“But you weren’t in the mess hall, were you?”

I glance to the grinning mate standing at parade rest in the doorway and then respond in a vastly subdued, meek tone, “No sir.”

Lieutenant Anderson clears some papers from the table and gestures toward it as he coolly says, “Don’t make a fuss and I will use as much discretion as I am allowed. If the captain gets involved, he will insist upon a proper punishment.” I move towards the table preparing to accept whatever discretion he is intending, when I pause and look to the mate, and then with pleading eyes I look into Lieutenant Anderson eyes. He nods to me and then commands the mate, “This is not for your entertainment. About face.” Grudgingly the mate spins around to face outward into the empty corridor.

As I had done before, I lay across the table with my feet dangling above the floor.

This time, as it was my second offense, Lieutenant Anderson lifts the hem of my skirt up to my back. Thankfully, I had put on drawers! While he must be able to see some of my alabaster fanny through the slit, he does not untie the ribbon to open them. He does however pull the thin linen material taut over my right bottom cheek and then he begins to smack me HARD.

“EEOOWW,” I screech along with the first two smacks before I get my teeth clenched. Once I settle myself down he gives me five more hard smacks on the right cheek and then pulls my drawers tight against my left butt cheek before administering five more hard smacks to even my blush. When he finishes, as he had done before, he grips my left cheek, but this time he maintains his hold – he does not let go and his finger press into my cheek’s underside ever so close to my cunny’s folds.

“I do hope, Miss Tidwell,” he quietly says while holding firmly onto my bottom, “that we don’t have to experience this again. Next time I will not depart from the required proper punishment. Do we have an understanding?”

“Yes sir, but if I may pray to ask,” I gasp for a breath, “so that I may have a full understanding.” I gasp again, “Why is it that these rules only appear to apply to me?”

“They apply to all the unmarried females; however you are the only one with no escort. Thus, you are the only one under my supervision.” His fingers twitch slightly enhancing his meaning. “And the captain insists that I perform my duty. Second,” and he pauses for a relaxing breath and his hand gives my bottom a gentle squeeze. My buns reflexively squeeze tight about his fingers and I pray that the dampness produced by my body has not become apparent. “I have a personal interest in ensuring that your honor is preserved,” he finishes.

Personal interest! My honor!

With that he releases my bottom cheek and pulls my skirt back down to its proper place before assisting me down from the table. I am again a bit dizzy and stumble against him whereupon I discover that he is indeed aroused. Holding my elbow he leads me back to the door and says to the mate, “See to it that she gets back safely.” The mate starts to grip my arm, but I shake him off.



Damn the torpedoes – Full Speed Ahead!

Did you ever wonder where Admiral Farragut got those words? They were not a random cheer, they directed a carefully planned strategy. Reading The Counterfeit Confederate you will learn, with some drama added, what those words meant.

The Counterfeit Confederate is available from:

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Amazon UK

Blushing Books

Barnes & Noble

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