Damsel in Dis-dress

From The Naked Sea in the Florida Keys:

The ‘Happy Jack’ is an unusual dive boat in that she resembles a speed boat from the ‘Miami Vice’ TV series more than a traditional scuba dive boat.  Captain Jack (yes, that is his name does not have a regular mate, but draws from the disorganized freelance pool, of which I am a member.  With this boat I get at least one day of work a week and this is sufficient to pay the bills.  With one more day of work per week on some other boat, I’m rolling in beer money.  When I’m not drinking beer, I’m writing science fiction stories.

“The girl is coming aboard,” Captain Jack calls to me half way through one afternoon’s diving cruise.    Jack is watching over the divers.  This lifeguard duty is the typical job of the mate; I would be expected to shed my clothes and dive into the water to help rescue anyone in trouble.  However, I’m busy shuffling scuba tanks for the next dive.  This tank shuffling time is the one time during the cruise that Captain Jack actually pitches in to help.  Watching is easier than moving the heavy scuba tanks.

We are currently moored to a buoy 50 yards west of the Bentwood Wreck.  The SS Bentwood had been steaming north in the Gulf Stream in 1942 when she maneuvered to evade an apparent Nazi submarine.  As was the custom during the war, she was steaming without lights and collided with a southbound vessel, also steaming without lights, which had also maneuvered to avoid the submarine.  The skipper of the SS Bentwood intentionally ran her aground on the reef to save the crew and cargo.  The basic structure of the ship was subsequently destroyed to avoid its being a navigational hazard and now she is an artificial reef and popular dive site.

“Mark,” Captain Jack repeats louder, “the girl is coming aboard.”  The girl of whom he is referring is a startling attractive young Chinese girl on her honeymoon.  She is from Shanghai and had only met her husband of this arranged marriage a month ago.  He is a Miami lawyer and while of Chinese origin, he is a US citizen.  The girl’s new husband is diving with a third-wheel son of another husband-wife dive team. The girl is simply snorkeling around the boat alone.  The divers are returning to the boat and she has started to board the boat ahead of them.  I abandon my work shuffling the air tanks and head for the stern to help her aboard.

She has already climbed the ladder and is now sitting on the wood dive platform attached to the boat’s transom taking off her fins and mask.  When she’s ready, she holds her two fins and mask with its attached snorkel in one hand while she uses the other hand to lift and twist around, to stand on the platform.  With my assistance, she will then step over the transom and down to the boat’s deck.  This was the plan, but it didn’t work out just right.

She had been wearing a tiny string bikini.  The front and back halves of its tiny bottom panty were fastened together with actual strings tied with bowknots.  I say she had been wearing the bikini.  The free end of one of the bowknot strings had become snared on a splinter on the dive platform and when she twisted her body to stand, the knot had untied itself.  She may or may not have been aware of the tug on the string, but in either case she could not stop her momentum, and when she stood the bikini bottom stayed attached to the dive platform.  Well, for a moment it remained attached, and then a wave rolled over the platform to sweep the whisper of fabric out to sea.  Thus, she is standing on the transom nearly nude with her closely trimmed black bush inches from my nose.

She freezes.

dreamstime_s_18105405Behind her, two other divers have now arrived at the platform and are sitting on it, with their backs turned toward us.  They are taking off their masks and fins; in a few seconds they will be standing and turning to climb into the boat, and will be eyeball to butt with the naked girl.

Reaching up I grab her hips and lift her down to the deck.  As I am wearing a swimsuit under my shorts, I quickly drop my shorts and squat holding them on the deck for the girl to step into.  But, she is not getting the idea.  I’m kneeling on the deck, eye level with her pussy; a hint of pink peeks out through her black pubic hair.  I look up into her astonished eyes as she stands motionless.  Another second ticks by and I pick up one of her feet and place it into the leg hole on my shorts.  Now she gets the idea and she lifts her other foot as I slide the shorts under it, and then pull them up to her waist.

She is a tiny girl and two of her could have easily fit into my shorts.  She grips the waistband closed and I guide her to a seat just as the two divers stand to hand me their gear.

Later as I finish my final task as mate, cleaning the boat, Jack calls me over.  “Mark, take a look at this,” he’s holding a camera in his hand.  Looking at the camera’s tiny screen I see the girl’s small but nicely curved bare bottom, with me kneeling below her – looking up into her pubis only a couple of inches from my nose.  The picture is cropped so that the viewer cannot see that I am chivalrously holding the shorts for her to step into.  Rather, the viewer of the picture is left with a ribald perspective.

“This is one for the scrapbook,” Jack admires his photographic skill.  Reaching behind his logbook on a shelf, he produces a photo album and hands it to me.  It contains a couple of dozen photographs of nude and semi-nude women.  Some are posed shots, but some are candid like the new one with me and the Chinese girl.  A few of the pictures depict sex acts in progress.  Captain Jack chuckles with his new treasure.

“You should have seen her from my side,” I encourage him.



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