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We have a surprise treat this week. My editor and some-times-co-author Sahalie Blue had dropped by with a  short story about some…

Good Vibrations


Sahalie Blue & Mark S.R. Sterling


Chapter 1 – Elissa

Now I don’t know

I don’t know

I don’t know where I’m a-gonna go

When the Volcano blows

I danced in my seat as Jimmy Buffet’s voice boomed from the bar’s speakers, and, at that moment, I neither knew nor cared if the volcano blew. I just wanted to groove to the music and have a good time.

“Too bad they don’t have a dance floor here.” I raised my voice so my drinking companion could hear me.

Nathan nodded. “Yeah, too bad. I’d like to see you shimmy around the dance floor in that slinky black dress.”

I laughed. “I’d probably fall on my ass in these heels,” I said, thinking about the black patent-leather pumps with the four-inch spike heels I’d recently bought. I hadn’t been thinking about dancing when I bought them; I’d been thinking about Nathan. I knew he’d love seeing me in them. And, his appreciative wolf whistle when he’d picked me up for our regular Friday-night date made them worth every penny.

My, but they had cost a lot of pennies.

Nathan and I had been dating close to a year. We enjoyed each other’s company so much that he had asked me to move in with him. But, I had declined. I liked having my own personal space. Besides, I was a slob, while Nathan was a neat freak. I thought this would create constant tension between us, and I couldn’t stand the thought of fighting. Things weren’t broke, so why fix them?

I took a sip from my strawberry margarita; it was my second of the night. This tiki bar served huge margaritas. I hadn’t planned on having another, but, the first went down so good and tasted so sweet, I thought, what the hell. I swiveled my head to take in the sunny tropical motifs painted on each wall. “I love the look of this place, don’t you?”

Nathan nodded. He grinned at me with a twinkle in his eye. “Drink up,” he said in a commanding tone, as he touched the little gizmo sitting on the table next to his hand.

I felt a pulse from the vibrator buried deep within my pussy.

Nathan loved playing with sex toys. He’d recently bought me a bullet-shaped vibe. It came complete with remote control, which he kept for himself. He’d insisted I insert the vibe for our date tonight.

I jumped, startled by the sudden surge of energy pulsing all the way to my clit. “Hey,” I tapped my fingernail on the large sugar-rimmed glass, “are you trying to get me drunk?”

“No,” Nathan replied, “I’m trying to get you home. There are,” he zapped me again, “things I want to do to you. Many things.” He winked. “Sexy things.”

I shivered, but not from the cold. I shivered in anticipation. I loved the sexy things Nathan did to me in his king-sized bed.

“Mm, patience, my love,” I soothed, knowing patience was not one of Nathan’s stronger suits. He had drive and energy, and his penchant for impatience had made him a successful, wealthy business leader in our community.

Nathan said nothing. He gestured at my drink and pressed the button on the remote. I squirmed in my seat as the little device inside me buzzed against my G-spot. I stared at Nathan as I took another sip of my drink. He wagged his finger at me, and again, pressed the button.

I couldn’t help myself:  I closed my eyes and moaned. I was aware of the stares from people seated nearby, but I didn’t care. I was getting more aroused—and drunk— by the second. I slid my chair closer to Nathan’s. Leaning into him, I purred, “I am sooo horny. I think I’m gonna come right here.”

Nathan whispered in my ear, “Nope. You can’t come ’til later, babe.”

I reached for my glass and licked the remaining sugar from the rim. Nathan’s eyes narrowed as he watched. “Sweetie, that’s what I’d like to do with each of your toes:  coat them in sugar and lick them clean.”

He depressed the buzzer again, and I gasped. Downing my drink in one gulp, I gathered my purse and slid out of my chair. “All done,” I giggled, and tugged at Nathan’s arm. “Let’s go.”

He slammed back his drink and tossed some bills on the table.

I took one step and wobbled, grabbing the nearest empty chair to steady myself. Evidently alcohol and four-inch spike heels didn’t mix. I nearly stumbled again as my hose stuck together uncomfortably between my inner thighs. What was this? I thought; then, I felt the sticky ooze of my arousal drizzling down my legs.

Nathan put one hand at the small of my back. I eased back against the pressure of his hand as he guided me out of the bar.

Once outside, I shook my head, and instinctively took a deep breath of cool air to clear my mind. As we got to Nathan’s car, he depressed the key fob’s button and opened my door. But, I was distracted with the creamy goo dribbling between my thighs. Instead of getting in the car, I leaned over and pointed to the seat of my dress. “Can you see if there’s a wet spot there?”

“Too dark to see. I’ll have to feel my way.” Nathan chuckled and ran his hand over my derriere. “Nope, don’t feel anything there.” Then, he slid a hand under my dress, to caress my mound. “Holy wetness, are you ever hot!”

I moaned. “Told ya I was horny.” I tried to nestle my lady bits into his fingers, to ease the ache deep inside my core, but he pulled his hand away.

Nathan smoothed my dress back down and smacked my bottom. “Inside with you, wench.”

I giggled. “Maybe you should put a towel down first. I don’t want to get your car seats all…squishy.”

“Don’t worry,” Nathan replied, as he settled me inside his Jag. “The seats are leather.”

The drive to his apartment didn’t take long, but I whimpered in frustration the entire way. Nathan should have had both hands on the steering wheel, but I noticed one hand held the vibe remote. Every few blocks, I got zapped to within an inch of my orgasmic life.

I barely noticed Nathan parking the car, opening my door, and helping me to stand. Again, one hand was at the small of my back as he ushered me into the elevator which would take us to his high-rise apartment. The doors slid shut.

I turned and plastered my body tightly to his. I reached through his pants to caress his cock, and smiled as I felt his hard member twitch in my hand. As we ascended the floors, I moved close to him and rode his thigh.

After what seemed at eternity, the elevator suddenly stopped. The doors slid open without so much as a warning ding. Nathan mostly pulled me as he hop-stepped down the hall to his apartment. He fumbled with his keys.

“Come on, hurry,” I whined.

Nathan grunted as he unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Finally, we were inside and alone.

I kicked off my shoes and took a few steps down the hall where I knew Nathan’s four-poster bed awaited me. I must not have been moving fast enough because Nathan’s hand smacked my bottom repeatedly.

Once in the bedroom, he held me close and kissed me, sucking my tongue into his mouth. Ending the kiss and releasing me, he turned me around, pulled my long dark hair to one side while he unzipped my dress. I pulled it up and over my head, letting it pool at my ankles. Nathan made fast work of unhooking my bra. Then, I was standing nude before him, except for the shimmering sheer black pantyhose I wore.

Nathan’s eyes swept over my body in admiration. He grinned as he noticed the crotch seam which split my labia into a camel toe. I’d shaved my pussy bare for him tonight.

Taking one finger, Nathan slid it up my thigh until he’d reached the wet spot. He whispered, “What’s this?” Sticking his finger in his mouth, he sucked on it. “Mm, you taste good.”

“You tease,” I murmured.

Nathan picked me up and deposited me gently on my back in the center of his plush silky quilt. Holding my face in his hands, he kissed me soft and slow. He once again depressed the button on the vibe remote.

“Please,” I whined, squeezing my thighs tight against the ache.

Nathan chuckled, “What is it you want, sweet girl?”


Chapter 2 – Nathan

Elissa moaned, “I want to come.”

I watched with satisfaction as she writhed on my bed. I had her right where I wanted her. “And, you shall, my love. Many times tonight,” I promised. “Now, lift your legs high and part them, to show me all your glistening secrets.”

I stared as she obeyed my orders. The invitation offered by her pink pussy made my cock throb. It strained against its confines. Every fiber of my body told me to get naked and fuck her before I exploded. But, I summoned all my will power and told myself to take it slowly:  for her.

I removed my tie. My fingers fumbled as I tried to quickly unbutton my shirt. I groaned in frustration, but, finally, it was off. I tossed it aside.

Elissa knew of my foot fetish, and I knew her feet were ticklish. She watched as I grasped her ankles and bound them together with my tie. Starting with her left foot, I caressed the pads of her toes; then I brought her foot to my lips so I could lick each delicate toe individually. She squirmed and wiggled as I worked my magic. I ignored her squeals for mercy, and began to caress and kiss the toes on her other foot.

When I thought she’d had enough, I released her feet and stripped off the remainder of my clothing. I watched Elissa’s eyes widen as she gazed upon my now freed cock, pointed and aimed directly at her.

She grinned and said, “Getting ready to fire that weapon, eh?”

I kneeled on the bed; my twitching cock ready and poised over her kitty. Even so, I could not resist playing with her. I held her bound legs high with the soles of her feet pressed into my chest. My throbbing cock pressed against the thin, cum-soaked material of her pantyhose; this was the final barrier between us. I slid my tip along her slit.

“I want you to come for me, baby. I want to watch your face as you explode.” I twisted the dial to turn the vibrations to their maximum setting. “I want to feel those good vibrations too.” I pressed my tip against her opening and felt the vibrator inside her pussy. “Oh, yes… so good… mm.”

Elissa groaned and twisted under me, trying in vain to escape the torture of the vibrator.

Moments later, she cried out, “Yes, yes, YES,” and I watched the tell-tale pink blossom of heat bloom on her chest and neck. “No more, please, I can’t stand it anymore,” she begged.

I turned off the vibrator, and heard her sigh with relief.

“And now, it’s my turn,” I said, knowing I could be patient no longer.

I gripped the edges of the nylon material of her pantyhose gusset. Ripping the seam open, I slid out the vibrator. I placed the tip of my erection at Elissa’s sopping wet entrance.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

Chapter 3 – Elissa

Nathan’s voice rumbled deep in his chest as he asked if I was ready.

My body hummed in anticipation at being one with him. “Am I ready? Surely you jest, Nathan, I’m past ready!” I cried.

As Nathan’s mouth captured mine, I grabbed his butt and squeezed. He pressed into me; the feel of his hardened rod almost enough to make me come undone right there. I took all he had to give, and gave back more, as I arched and slid, moving in rhythm with his thrusts.

It wasn’t long before my toes began to curl. I gasped as stars burst behind my eyes, and I imploded.

Suddenly Nathan grunted. I felt his cock pulse, and seconds later, it spewed jets of hot cum deep inside me.

Then, there was nothing but the two of us, holding each other closer than close, hiding from the outside world.

A tune popped into my head, and I grinned. Hey Jimmy, I thought,

Now I know

Yes I know

I’m a-gonna go to Nathan’s bed

Where the Volcano blows



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