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Professor Wilhelm and the Voyage of the Starcruiser Carpenter

By: Sterling Scott

Chapter One

Carla Woodmyer was grateful for one aspect of the Space Service – she would never have to agonize over what to wear. Everyone aboard the Starcruiser Carpenter wore the same thing every day. She wondered if this was the facet of shipboard life that was going to bore her to death first.

Opening her travel bag, one could hardly call it a suitcase, she placed her toiletries in the provided carrying tray. She placed the holographic photo stand on the desk built into the wall of her tiny stateroom. Snapping the photo projector on, she watched the three dimensional image of her parents appear in the air above the desk. A moment later, the image changed to one of her cat. As the images continued to rotate through the catalogue, she removed the final item from her bag – her personal memory chip. She opened the desk and retrieved the supplied tablet. She plugged her chip into place. And then, she stuffed the travel bag into the bottom drawer. As required, she had brought nothing else for her voyage to the stars.

This is all I have for a year in space, she mused while examining her quarters. The idea of spending a year of her life in the service of space exploration was becoming substantially less romantic. Her cabin was eight by ten feet with the majority of the room occupied by the smallish double sized bed. The desk took up the majority of the remaining area leaving insufficient room to spin a small cat.

Carla returned her eyes to the two sky-blue jumpsuits on the bed that had first attracted her attention. She had read the Space Service’s introductory material and knew that she would be issued two of the uniforms, and that sky-blue was the color designating the academic staff of the space ship. She would wear one for a week, and then deposit it in the recycler on Sunday. A replacement would then be provided on Monday. Thus, she always had two jumpsuits, except for Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

“Attention – Miss Carla Woodmyer,” a disembodied voice from nowhere projected into her room. “You have an appointment with Professor Wilhelm in ten minutes.”

“Crikey, thank you,” she muttered before realizing that it was simply and automated reminder.

Stripping nude, she stuffed her ground-side clothing into the bottom drawer with the travel bag. She would not need those items until the ship returned to Eden next year. Then, she pulled on the jumpsuit. The one piece affair fit her loosely as she ran her finger along the front opening from her mons to her neck to close the seam. Then she touched her finger to the small metal stud under the left collar. Since the jumpsuit had never been worn before, it instantly programmed itself to her fingerprint and magically began to shrink as it conformed to her body. The seams melted into the material leaving it to resemble a second skin.

“My,” she examined the final effect in the mirror, “I do look marvelous.” She gave her breasts a squeeze. She had been a late bloomer, but now her curves were acceptably generous. She admired how the jumpsuit snuggly supported her attributes. Turning, she inspected the contours of her bottom snuggly packaged and displayed by the taut fabric. Giving her firm butt a light smack, she repeated, “Simply marvelous.”

Grabbing her tablet, she raced out the door and into the maze of corridors. After a few minutes of trying to retrace her steps to central hub, she remembered that a map of the ship was programmed into her tablet. She snapped it on and opened the program. The device instantly synchronized with the ship’s systems and displayed her location on a three dimensional holographic image. Following the displayed indictor arrows, she found Dr. Wilhelm’s office.

“Come in,” he invited when she pressed the alert button beside his door. With the sound of his voice, the door automatically opened and she gazed upon the silver-haired, gray-bearded professor. “Your appointment was for 9 a.m. sharp, you know.” He sighed and glared at her with utter disdain. Carla felt like a sticky gum wad beneath someone’s shoe.

“Yes, sir, I am sorry, but I got disoriented and… well, it took longer to get here than I had allowed. It won’t happen again.” She had been warned that he was a stickler for detail and that he had little patience for tardiness.

First impression blown!

Carla hoped that her lateness on the first day would not set them off on the wrong foot.

“And so, Miss Woodmyer, what has attracted you to Alien Anthropology?” There was a chair beside his desk, but he did not invite her to sit down.

“Well, sir, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the variety of cultures created by alien populations. And, this opportunity to study the techniques for evaluating the intelligence of aliens is so very exciting.” Carla had done her homework; she had investigated Dr. Kart Wilhelm’s specific area of expertise.

He smiled and she imagined that her tardiness might have been forgotten.

He gestured to the chair and she sat. “I have read your transcript and you do appear to be a stellar student in the doctoral program. I intend to put you to work straight away.”

“Thank you, sir.” Carla was pleasantly stunned.

“You’re welcome, but listen carefully, I won’t tolerate undue foolishness. If you wish to remain under my tutelage, you will behave within reasonable guiding parameters or else,” he growled with his finger pointing at her nose.

“What?” His sudden shift took her off guard.

“I will not hesitate to implement physical discipline.”

At that juncture, Carla’s innards churned. Her consciousness spun and in a dizzying frenzy.  As a 24 year old University student, she had never expected this line of dialogue.

“Um, did I comprehend you correctly?” she queried.

“You did, and I meant exactly what I stated.”

She gulped and digested this new knowledge. Does he mean that he will spank me? She found the notion a tad intriguing. She had long fantasized about being spanked.

“So, what you are telling me is that–”

“I will bend you across this desk and paddle your bottom, yes.” Professor Wilhelm reiterated, quite clearly.

“Seriously in this day and age, how do you get away with it for adults?” she asked incredulously.

“Disciplined behavior is essential aboard ship. Space travel is hazardous business. And, venturing down to alien worlds is particularly dangerous. The lives of all your team members will depend upon your strict adherence to the rules. I have free rein to control discipline among my staff. You signed the consent form. Did you read it?”

“Uh, yes.” She did vaguely recalled signing a consent form with words to the effect that she consented to punitive measures to ensure her compliance with all ship’s safety directives. She had taken its meaning to be loss of credit for the class work and not that she would be spanked.

“I guarantee my right arm and the cherry wood paddle I own will ensure that you will digress from your instructions only once.”

“You wouldn’t dare – would you?” she inquired with a foolish, small voice. But, her bottom suddenly erupted with a tingle that she had never felt before.

“Don’t tempt me. I’ll win. Your behind will lose,” Professor Kart Wilhelm said.

His strict declaration and masterful persona sent shockwaves through Carla that she could not dismiss or ignore. She had difficulty concentrating fully through the remainder of session where he detailed her duties.

She had imagined that her internship would be an exciting adventure to strange new worlds with a relaxed shipboard life. She had anticipated putting aside studying, exorbitant reading, anxious test-taking, pesky note-scribing, sitting still at a desk, and other educational rigors for a venture of positive enhancement and chaotic, structure-free life. She now realized just how much structure she might possibly receive from this internship.

When Professor Wilhelm finally dismissed her, Carla raced back to her cabin. After closing her door, she touched her finger to the metal stud under her collar. Instantly, the seams of her jumpsuit appeared and the fabric relaxed its skintight hold on her curves. Reaching behind her back, she opened the seat flap. However, she did not have a need for the toilet.

Carla’s spanking fantasy had always been one of a young girl being disciplined by her father. Dr. Wilhelm was in his early-to-mid fifties and he acted parental. She could not deny her desire for a sound spanking from the clearly imposing father figure and the space between her thighs became slick with her excitement. Imagining the man as her take-charge father, she retrieved her hairbrush. She bent across her bed.

Oh, please, Daddy, not the brush!

She smacked the makeshift punishment implement against her palm. Yes, my dear, your naughty behavior demands nothing less, Carla played Dr. Wilhelm’s voice in her head.

Then she smacked the flat of the brush against her bare buns protruding through the open back panel of her jumpsuit. Startled by the sting of her own swat, she jumped.

Daddy, please not so hard. It stings!

Little Carla, it is supposed to hurt. Count them for me.

One, Daddy, little Carla quickly responded, hoping to ease the ire of her imaginary Daddy.

She wacked herself again, twice in rapid succession – once on each bottom cheek.

Two – three, oh Daddy, I will behave.


Four – five, please not so hard. I promise to be a good girl.

Now, you know you deserve a spanking, don’t you.


Six – seven.

Carla, you have been so very naughty.


Eight – nine – Yes, Daddy.

Yes… yes, what, my little Carla?

I’ve been a naughty little girl.



All right, little Carla, do you promise not to disobey me again?

OH, YES, Daddy. Please let that be enough! I want to be a good girl.

We will finish your punishment as we always do – two more on the sit-spots.


Carla’s eyes teared with the sharp sting of the hairbrush on her sensitive skin. Slowly lifting herself from the bed, she looked at her fanny in the mirror. She opened the front of her jumpsuit and slid her fingers down into her Venus. While franticly rubbing her excited clit, she admired the pink of her bottom and the bright red of her sit-spots.

As her climax abated, a glaring moment of clarity hit her racing mind. She had an occasional habit of boundary testing, but this time her authority figure had the means to push back. She had never been spanked for real.

Can I be successful in becoming a model assistant? Will my subconscious betray me just to see how far Dr. Wilhelm will go?  

Suddenly, she looked forward to seeing him again.


Chapter Two

“The hyper-drive will be engaged in thirty minutes,” the disembodied voice called out to Carla.

The Starship Carpenter carried a one hundred people. One third of these were men and women who had completed the previous year-long cruise. Another third were people who had completed at least one cruise on another starship in the past five years. The final third consisted of Carla and others who were venturing out into interstellar space for the first time.

Carla scrambled to the ship’s theater. Instead of presenting a three-dimensional video performance, the stage had been configured to display the view outside the ship.

Carla grabbed a seat near the center of the room to view the dramatic shift as the gravity wave generators were engaged. The bubble of distorted space-time created by the gravity wave would shift the color of the stars. The ones forward would turn blue while the ones aft would turn red. Then, as the ship accelerated beyond the speed of light, they would all disappear as their colors shifted outside the visible range.

While seasoned space veterans considered the spectacle to be blasé, the newbies would not miss their first transition into hyperspace.

“Is this seat taken?” a young man asked.

“No, be my guest.”

“Super.” The blonde young man sat next to her. “I’m Davey Willard.” He extended his hand.

Carla placed her hand in his, and he held it for a moment before releasing her.

“I’m glad to meet you,” she said.

“Likewise.” He smiled.

When the light dimmed, they turned their attention to the hologram floating above the stage. They watched the stars dim and change colors as the gravity bubble formed around the starship. The stars appeared to wave back and forth as the gravity waves distorted their appearance. Then the intensity of those forward increased as their color shifted to a deep blue. And finally, all of the stars vanished and the stage was filled with blackness.

“That’s all folks,” the ship’s speakers announced. “We are now traveling at ten times the speed of light. We will accelerate to one hundred times the speed of light after we are clear of the planetary system.”

“Wow, I didn’t feel a thing,” Davey said.

“Me neither,” Carla lied, her belly had shimmed, but maybe it was just from the excitement of the moment. She got up to leave as the theater lights illuminated.

“Say,” he continued, “would you like to meet for dinner this evening. And, maybe get in some dancing?”

“Yes, I would. Thank you.”

“Super.” He tapped the screen of his tablet and instantly her tablet chimed; she had received his contact information. “See you then,” he said and left.

I have a date!

She took a moment to admire how his butt fit tightly in his jumpsuit. She imaged his nude body lying on her bed.

As Carla walked along the corridor, her tablet chimed again. She paused to examine it. Crikey, I’m late. She was late for a meeting with Dr. Wilhelm. She raced down the hallway.

“I’m so sorry that I’m late, sir. I was in the theater watching the shift into hyperspace,” she apologized immediately upon the opening of his office door.

“I see,” he said flatly.

Is this it? Am I gonna get spanked?

“Do you have your report ready?” he asked, seemingly willing to accept her excuse.

“Yes, sir,” she tapped her tablet a few times to transmit her report to his screen.

He studied her report on the conditions of Regulus-2 and Carla enjoyed sitting down comfortably. Her bottom tingled as she imagined that she had escaped a painful interlude. She had anticipated a rocky, rough ride for her backside had been set in motion with tardiness.

“This report appears to be complete, but where are your criteria for the Caldwell intelligence criteria to evaluate the alien population?”

“Ah, sir…” What is he talking about? Carla glanced at the tablet, and there it was. She had made the notation of Dr. Wilhelm’s assignment, but she had completely ignored it. “I’m sorry, but I-I –”

“Young lady, as you should know at your age, attention to detail is important. You are required to complete each and every assignment. Everything that I assign to you is of importance.”

“I know, Professor Wilhelm.”

“Yet you completely disregarded my assignment of the Caldwell intelligence criteria.”

“I’m guilty as accused,” she answered in a low voice. She shifted her small feet nervously under the chair while chiding her subconscious for placing her in this predicament. With her face tiled downward, she lifted her eyes to watch her one-man combination judge, jury, and spanking executioner.

“Now, young lady, I am going to firmly christen your bottom to shipboard life.” Carla had difficulty swallowing as her throat had suddenly become parched. “Stand up,” Dr. Wilhelm commanded.

She stood and shifted from foot-to-foot like a grade-schooler. Despite the negative drama factor, her responsive body possessed its own involuntary reactions. She felt her nipples stiffened inside her skintight jumpsuit, but refrained from looking down to see if the protuberances were visible. The most embarrassing, yet enticingly delicious side-effect arrived in the form of moist damsel droplets that seeped down from her womanhood. She didn’t have any idea as to the absorbent properties of the jumpsuit material.

What the Hell is wrong with me? Really, you’re getting wet down there at a time like this?

Carla inwardly scolded her rogue libido and considered that the racy slut raging inside her subconscious did indeed deserve a paddling.

Her miffed superior reached out and bent her over the desk. She gasped as he pressed his palm into the center of her back. Carla gripped the front two angled corners of the desktop and settled in for her first ever spanking. Gnashing her teeth together and clenching her frame tightly, a feeling of helplessness engulfed her mind. Please just get this over with, she silently begged while holding the juvenile posture.

“I am in charge here. You follow my orders. I will teach you what it means to be a cheeky, spoiled brat aboard this ship.”

“I’m sorry,” Carla whined.

“Miss Woodmyer, you are such a lovely lady. I gauge a wealth of potential in you already. That’s why I’m doing this at all. Heed my upcoming attitudinal lesson and amend your lazy, untamed ways this instant. I’d prefer not to repeat this gesture!”

At last he lifted his formidable wooden implement and cracked it against her vulnerable backside. The force of that first lick pressed her forward against the hard surface. However, she had little time to contemplate the implications as whacks two, three and four descended immediately after the first.

Ooh hoo – OUCH!” she cried out and drew in a deeper breath.

“Carla, you remind me of the way I acted at your age. I required structure nobody gave me back then, so take my advice and buckle down in this internship.” He punctuated his scolding and admonishment with additional paddle whacks that stung her southern hemisphere like a wild brushfire’s flames.

Ow! Ouch! Yes I’ll b-buckle d-d-down, Sir,” she wailed and danced in place.

Then, Professor Wilhelm shifted gears and grasped her waist. Lifting her from the desk, he herded her over to the chair. He sat down on it first and tilted Carla’s form strategically over his knee for the punishment’s remainder. Since the paddle was so lengthy, he put it down. He used his hand to continue the stinging punishment of her upturned bottom. This old-fashioned, quaint correction reduced Carla to tears. However, being held so intimately provided a different level of satisfaction, despite her extreme discomfort.

“Be on time for each session! Don’t you ever forget your assignments!” he lectured and swatted her taut behind over and over in rapid-fire, continuous motion. “The surfaces of the alien planets are very dangerous, and you must always pay attention to details and follow instructions.”

His unrelenting hand-spanking of her fanny made her howl, “Okay! Ow!”

Then, he stopped his onslaught. Carla exhaled as immense relief washed over her. He lifted her, but when her wobbly knees gave way. He held her in his lap. Comforting her as though his own daughter, he wiped away her tears.

“Make sure there is no next time, young lady. Because your next spanking will be on your bare bottom,” he said in a soothing voice.

Oh no, don’t get my subconscious all excited for that experience! she thought to herself, but said aloud, “Thank you for disciplining me, Sir. I will strive to behave properly in the future.”

With her correctional retribution completed, Dr. Wilhelm changed the subject. “All right, I believe that it is time for lunch. Would you care to join me?”

“Yes, thank you.” Carla instantly accepted, and her stomach growled on cue.

“Good,” he replied and smiled at her tummy’s answer.




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