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A Summary of My Books 

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Cowgirl Thrill Rider — The golden age of rodeo for a Nebraska cowgirl.

Polly Duffy had learned to ride horses almost before she could walk. She loves to ride more than anything. In 1916, at age fourteen, she enters a steer riding contest at the local county fair and wins, never to look back. She becomes addicted to the thrill of the ride be it relay races, bronc busting or steer riding.

Polly’s riding skills bring her to the attention of Texas Jack, a Wild West show promoter. She joins his traveling show in 1920, where she meets champion steer wrestler and bronc rider Buck Delmar. Polly is determined to make it big herself and, with the help of immigrant Cossack trick riders, soon becomes a talented, famous performer, thrilling audiences with her death-defying stunts on horseback.

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From the Affairs of Lady Strangways: Arsenic and the Socialite

Too Many Suspects!

In 1857 a Frenchman living in Glasgow, Scotland has been murdered. When consulting detective Lady Theodora Strangways arrives, she quickly discovers his wife, his fiancé, and his lover. However, which one poisoned him, or did they all three conspire together?

Rich with the history of the Victorian Age, Lady Strangways and her lover, Scotland Yard Inspector John Digby, search for the answers.


Betty Kennedy is a college graduate who is unable to find a job in her chosen career. She takes a job as a governess to five children, hoping to finish her Master’s degree. Through her extracurricular activities, Betty becomes friendly with a young couple but when the husband is murdered, she unwittingly becomes a pawn of the local mob.

Dick Morris is the detective assigned to the murder case. As the case progresses, he meets Betty and as the case evolves he begins to wonder how involved Betty is with the mob. As their lives intertwine, Dick realizes he has become infatuated with Betty.

Betty, goes undercover with the aid of the police captain, without Dick’s knowledge. When she finds herself in over her head, can he save her? Will the information she reveals help him solve the case? Can he save her from the mobsters’ clutches? Does she love him, as much as he loves her?



Passion Quest series:

Where no woman has gone before… Love on a Forbidden Planet, Book One of Passion Quest series.

Amy Toller is responsible for determining which alien species are intelligent and which aren’t. It’s her job to travel to different planets and observe the aliens from afar. Between her exciting planetary explorations, the boredom of interstellar space flight is relieved by her boyfriend, Mario. Snuggled in Amy’s cabin, Mario’s explorations take her emotions – and her body – to places she’s never experienced before, and when he spanks her for the first time, she is amazed at the response it evokes in her.

When she finds herself stranded on Corvus-3, Amy is forced to join the planet’s native alien population to survive. She finds herself taking part in all their daily rituals, including their nightly orgies with spanking as foreplay. As a result, she gets very close to these primitive near-humans, and soon finds herself in a one-woman war to save them – and the galaxy – from the Barbas.


Love Under the Violet Crown, penned with Sahalie Blue.

Dr. Julie Patterson is an alien anthropologist. She is on a quest to bring peace to the galaxy.
Julie and her scientific team are aboard the starship Kart Wilhelm, orbiting the planet Maia-3 with its population of bronze age humanoids. Their mission is to redirect the focus of the war-like beings to become successful trading partners. To accomplish this goal, the invading scientists plan to kidnap key individuals and implant new ideals of peace and freedom into their brains.

A native of Maia-3, Iva is a member of the wealthy and deeply spiritual Violet Crown family. Following the custom of her people, her father arranges a marriage to a respected mathematician, Archmed. Although Iva is an influential citizen, hers will be a marriage of convenience, meant only to produce children. However, she longs for true love with her husband. She wants him to reject the concubines he uses for pleasure and lie with her only.


Anthology of short stories:

A swish of sweetness with a dusting of spice — A Sterling Maid for You

Cleaning was never this much fun. This collection of five romantic spanking fantasies showcases the erotic adventures of lively, but errant maids in the employ of Tanya Sterling’s house cleaning company: Sterling Maids.

In The Man of the House, maid Maria finds out how the boss-lady deals with lazy maids.

In Two Maids and a Feather Duster, maid Meg, her boyfriend Sam, and her best girlfriend Willow discover that pleasure can be found from a swish of the feather duster.

In Maid in a Tub, maid Madison  is up to her neck in trouble.

In A Helping Hand, maid Jocelyn falls under the strict supervision of proper British butler.

In To Catch a Maid, maid Kelly is accused of stealing a family heirloom from Mr. Grant’s house.


Western Romance:

South Pass Brides is a tale of the Oregon Trail where pioneer women journeyed to a new life.

In 1848, there was free land in the Oregon Territory and pioneer families by the thousands headed west on the Oregon Trail. However, the trip was not without peril, and many failed to arrive.

After nineteen-year-old Olga is married off to an older man, the two begin their own arduous journey to the Willamette Valley. Before too long, her naivety and nervousness give way to the joy of sex, despite the occasional bit of discipline her husband applies to her soft and gorgeous behind. Soon, though, tragedy strikes and Olga is left on her own. Until…

Thomas, a lawyer in a previous life—well-off and pampered—sets out to make his own way in a new land in defiance of his overbearing father. When he learns of the gold discovered in California, he joins the rush to the west coast. Fate soon intervenes in the form of a new job scouting for the same wagon train on which three newly widowed women ride. His new task also involves caring for and disciplining the widows. He and Olga have a special spark, which causes Thomas to rethink his plans. The two begin their own journey west to claim a new land. And each other.


In Prairie Passions, Rose Anna Prescott wants a husband.

In July of 1890, the young woman rides the stagecoach from her secluded home to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Her stated purpose is to participate in the celebrations welcoming the newest state in the Union. However, her true intention is to find a suitable husband among the available men in the wealthy metropolis.

Her list of criteria for a husband is lengthy – however, it does not initially include that he be a strict disciplinarian. Good fortune smiles down on her; she meets not one, but two eligible men. Cavalry Officer Captain Randall Wilson, and an emissary from President Harrison, Jackson Wright, both compete for her hand. With two men vying to have her as his bride, Rose decides to introduce them both to her father, and to show them the wonders of the new state of Wyoming.

During their adventures together, Randall and Jackson open her eyes to surprising experiences in love, and they both show her that she needs a husband who is willing and able to apply a firm hand to her bottom. Their spankings not only render control of her rebellious disposition, they also awaken her sexual desires.

Before she can decide whom to marry, a dark specter comes between them. This new man plays a winner-takes-all game.


Victorian Mysteries with my Lady Detective series:

In the first one, Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson, the Earl Baronet passed away, but left his young second wife the Countess Baronet nearly penniless. However, in the summer of 1852, she mysteriously becomes the darling of Victorian London society entertaining the elite with lavish parties.

Suspecting foul play, London consulting detective Margaret Rowan is commissioned to determine the source of Countess Baronet’s apparently endless wealth. Miss Rowan, the only child of the late Colonel Rowan, the first minister of London’s Metropolitan Police, is an experienced detective, but inexperienced in the true ways of the world. When the young aristocratic Miss Rowan presents herself as an impoverished woman seeking a position as a maid in Countess Baronet’s household, she expects to catch a thief. What Margaret doesn’t expect is to endure the humiliation of frequent bare bottom spankings as she is taught to be a proper servant.

The lessons she learns from Mrs. Davenport’s paddle and Sir Anthony’s strap will become the new skills required to both catch her thief and her man.


In Margaret Rowan’s second adventure, Margaret and the Train Robbers, she gives chase to Victorian London’s most notorious thieves.

A year after the daring 1855 theft of £12,000 worth of gold from the Folkestone train, the London Detectives have no suspects and no clues to follow. The politically embarrassed Chief of London Detectives turns to his skilled asset, Margaret Stuart, to bring her unique talents to bare upon the case. With an encouraging spanking behind her, Margaret quickly warms the cold case when the trail leads to an old foe. Whether it is her heels or her derriere in the air, she does her best work while lying down on the job. Margaret quickly turns the other cheek and her man gets her in the end.

This fast pace novella contains the history, mystery and romance in the Victorian age.



In Snooper’s Reward, Charlotte Wilson strives to be a loyal household maid, but even Mrs. Caldwell’s paddle on her derriere can’t control her urge to snoop.  After word of her capture snooping on the male members of the household spreads, she is pressed into the service of Lady Margaret Rowan of the London Detectives.  Lady Rowan is in need of an accomplished snoop and plans to put Lottie’s talents to a productive purpose.

Mr. Lawrence Andrews has recently taken possession of his inheritance and his mother fears that the new woman in his life is plotting to steal his money away.  She has hired Lady Rowan to determine the nature of the plot and save the inheritance.

And snooping on Mr. Andrews has just become the perfect assignment for Charlotte.  But, can she keep her secrets when she loses her drawers.



The Pimlico Affair is the fourth book in the Lady Detective series.  This story is of love, murder, and the disciplined mistress.

When the illegitimate daughter of an heir to England’s throne is accused of murder, Queen Victoria calls upon London Detective Lady Margaret Rowan to investigate. Notwithstanding the Queen’s intentions, Lady Rowan arrests Adelaide de la Tremoille’s for the murder of her fiancé, Edwin Bartlett.

Confronting Lord John Folkston, Adelaide’s estranged father, Lady Rowan learns of his daughter’s twisted past. However, this reality-based story of sex, domestic discipline, and intrigue begins much earlier. It begins twenty-five years earlier when Lord Folkston commissioned the governor of the Westminster Corrections Facility to secure a suitable female prisoner. A woman suitable for molding into Lord Folkston’s personal sexual companion.

Margaret’s first discovery is that this woman was Adelaide’s mother.





Rescuing Diana is a journey of divine love and extraordinary adventure.


Diana Wells has led a charmed life – that is, if you discount her strict governess, who wields a disciplinary paddle expertly. Diana is the beloved ward of Sir Alfred Thorsby, and is destined to marry into Victorian England’s aristocracy. But all this is fated to change when she meets the handsome American Naval officer, Captain John Bates. Tantalized by his first kiss, Diana inadvertently sets a sequence of events into motion that will carry her beyond her wildest dreams.


Her adventure begins when she is captured by an Egyptian prince who is intent on making her into his trophy harem slave girl. After her indoctrination into the erotic arts, Diana’s beloved John Bates arrives to rescue her. However, this is not the end of her ordeal as a slave girl… it is only the beginning. Secretly following her brother – Herbert – and Captain Bates, Diana makes the mistake of boarding her uncle’s Moon Car. Diana’s Uncle George is a professor studying the lost Egyptian science of anti-gravity and levitation. He is planning a trip to the moon. Unknown to the others, Diana stows away and inadvertently joins the voyage.


 Going up is easy. Getting back down – not so simple.


This romantic science fiction story, set in July, 1840, offers exciting discoveries and an alternate meaning to ancient mythology; including a different outlook on the inspiration behind the famous Venus in the half shell painting.



In My Pirate Wife, Evelyn is determined to escape her pirate captor, but when the opportunity finally arose, she might not want to leave him…

Abandoned by her family, Evelyn Douglas is working as a cook in a brothel when her long lost Uncle Henry finds her and convinces her to accompany him with promises of high seas and adventure. Together, they set out for Jamaica and the New World. At first, all is well, and Evelyn takes to seafaring like a natural. But then they encounter pirates.

Evelyn is taken hostage, and the pirate captain John Howell strikes a deal with her uncle. Henry Douglas has six months in which to collect the ransom money to rescue his niece. In the meantime, Evelyn will serve her new master, John Howell, in more ways than one. With nothing but her wits to protect her, she struggles to stay alive until Henry can save her.

Evelyn knew that nothing would ever be the same when she and her uncle set sail from England, bound for the New World. However, being kidnapped, ransomed, and sold into slavery were not the sort of excitement she had anticipated. Nor does she expect to realize that, when she does find an opportunity to escape her captor, her newfound feelings for him ensure she doesn’t really want to leave…



Stranded With Charlotte: Sometimes the best path between two points is not the straight line.

A voyage of self discovery awaits Jon Howard as he travels across the country for his mother’s funeral. Leaving his beloved Charlotte, North Carolina behind, Jon and his troubled psyche travel to Hawaii. Along the way, both his soul and the airplane break down. To pass the time, his fellow stranded travelers each tell a short story of their own sensual discoveries. Through these tales, they teach Jon not only about sex, but also about life, love, and, forgiveness.

Karen is attracted to the shy engineer. His gentle manners are a welcome change from her previous lovers. When the couple finds that there is no room at the inn, they discover what truly binds them together.

Reality eclipses his dreams, and Jon discovers that the distance he has traveled has been much farther than merely achieving his destination.

It may be too late to change the past, but the future has yet to begin.



Confederate scientist. Union Spy. Illicit lust -> The Counterfeit Confederate.

Emily Tidwell crosses the Atlantic disguised as a Southern Belle to determine the nature of a secret weapon being developed by Confederate sympathizers in London.

Emily’s calamities aboard ship begin the first evening when she is discovered snooping in the ship’s engine room. Following her introduction to the English practice of spanking wayward females, Lieutenant James Anderson is determined to keep a very watchful eye on the wandering girl. However, she just can’t stay out of trouble! While James fails to tame the spirited young woman, he manages to win her heart.

Once in London, she finds the Confederate scientist, but has little success keeping her sore bottom protected when a counter conspiracy develops. Will she survive long enough for Lieutenant Anderson’s return? Or will she become another casualty of one of the bloodiest wars the world had ever seen?



In The Disciplined Date, Nikki is torn between two powerful men who seek to control her life. Mobster Lenny Fusco wants to go straight.  Using his knowledge of her past, Lenny coerces Nikki into helping him develop a fetish dating website. However, a serial killer has found this fertile ground to hunt spanko victims.  When his clients start getting murdered and the police are helpless to solve the case, Lenny wants to take matters into his own hands. Homicide detective Carl Howard knows that the investigation into the murder of the naked woman on the floor will be far from routine.  He recognizes her bare bottom – she was once draped across his lap at the spanking club.  As her killer prepares to strike again, the investigation will expose Carl’s own secret life – his relationship with Nikki. Each man needs Nikki’s help and they will put her over their knee -panties down – to get it.  Nikki must decide which man’s discipline to accept.





The Dead Alien is a severe left turn into science fiction with a murder mystery twist. Lola had watched the vintage science fiction B-movies, the ones where the aliens from outer space invaded Earth. They always wanted one of two things from humans – to eat them, or to have sex with them. Nonetheless, when she was actually abducted, she did not expect that the real-life aliens would want either of these two things from her.

Within the nearly crimeless alien society, Minister Ha’olak is murdered and the Earthwoman, Lola, is on the hot seat. Mo’dak is assigned to the investigation, and Ha’olak’s sex toy soon becomes the focus of Mo’dak’s scrutiny.

This story has almost no spanking and minimal sex, but it is sexy.



In Zero-G Spot, weightless is where every action has a reaction.

Leanne had heard many stories of how the aliens humiliate and abuse the young women they capture. And now, after being abducted herself, she helplessly awaits her fate as a slave girl.

Jax had received training about human female anatomy, and had been warned that seeing one naked would significantly disrupt the functioning of the male alien brain. However, nothing prepared him for the erotic Leanne.

In a damaged spacecraft, Jax searches for a solution to save himself and his female captive while Earth’s destiny hangs in the balance.

But all is not hopeless.

Determine to survive, the two isolated space travelers overcome their fears, and find that their journey home leads them to an entirely different state of being.


Single’s Cruise for Adventure is my very first story. Deb and Carol have been best friends since they shared a dorm room freshman year at LSU.  Now the two single women work at the same law firm and search for lasting love relationships.  When they embarked on the single’s cruise they expected romance, but it will be the adventure they remember.

Exceeding the promises of the cruise brochure, the girls are romanced by ex-Navy SEALs.  However, these blossoming affairs are pruned when the girls are arrested by island police for sunbathing topless.  Trapped in the clutches of unscrupulous police they learn that their fine will not be paid in dollars.  After a preliminary punishment spanking, the realization of the full penalty of their mistake blooms.  But the Navy has a plan of action as well.






The Naked Sea is a fictionalized collection of events that happened to me during my years as a romantic picaroon along the Florida coast.  This book intertwines the tales of my exploitation of hapless women as they succumb to their primal urges when they sail on The Naked Sea.

Sailing at its Best

Follow my travels from St. Augustine to Key Largo to North Bimini and back. Mixed within the erotic tales and descriptions of ocean sailing are historical accounts of exotic locations, a hitherto unpublished version of my brush with drug smugglers, and a clash with Bahamian pirates.  Come aboard my experiences with Julie the Danish exchange student, Heather the Key Largo hooker, Karen the deep diving housewife, and April… well, you will just have to read my yarn to label her.

This story has no spanking and only some sex, but is sexy.




Ah, The Girl in the Riv. This erotic mystery-spy thriller follows the last night of a Las Vegas convention of nuclear scientists when Steve Jones decides to go out with a bang.  He hires Glenda Goodbed to entertain him for his last night – literally.  While she is riding him like a cowgirl three men burst into the hotel room and murder the scientist.  And then she is kidnapped. Homicide detective Bill Robertson suspects prostitute Paige Turner was a witness to the robbery and the murder of the nuclear scientist, but when she vanishes into thin air – nude – he is left with no clues to follow.  The investigation then points to a terror plot as the motive when a second woman appears as a possible accomplice, but then all of the clues evaporate. Rival terrorists battle for possession of the scientist’s secrets – and the sexy girls.  Who are the good guys?  And, just who is the Girl in the Riv?

Following in this series are The Girl Goes Deep and The Girl In Trouble which chronicle her continuing adventures.

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