Work-in-Progress Wednesday – May 30, 2018

I’m not making any progress on my own WIP, but I have been doing some editing for a colleague. I stole this for your enjoyment.

While I’ll not tell ya where it’s from, it is a new Western coming to town. Maybe if ya beg, I’ll give you some more clues.


June brought the chair. Before Hope knew what had happened, Melvin sat and pulled her over his lap. He secured her with a hand to her back.

“Lift her skirts, June.”

Hope kicked and screamed, “No!”

Melvin brought his hand down with a thundering crash upon her bottom. “Don’t fight me, girl. You don’t want the worst of me.”

June lifted Hope’s skirts, and her husband clutched them to the middle of Hope’s back.

“The school teacher needs a lesson in manners. Ya don’t go where yer not wanted. I’ll teach you, Hope, what it means to trespass on my land.”

In a lascivious gesture, Melvin patted the soft mounds of Hope’s derriere before raising his arm and bringing it down with a resounding splat.

Hope yelped. She was mortified, and hoped her former students were not a witness to this travesty.

His hard palm alternated between the twin cheeks of her thinly-clad behind. Then, Melvin switched to a paddle. The sound of the swats reverberated through the room. Her bottom prickled and throbbed like she had been stung by a nest of angry hornets. Hope could not hold back her screams.

Just when she thought it would never end, she heard a man’s voice holler, “Stop!” As she was faced away from the door, she couldn’t tell for sure, but it sounded like Joseph.

“Let her go,” Joseph ordered his older brother.

Hope let out the breath she was holding as she heard it was, indeed, Joseph.

Melvin chuckled. “Ha, ha, little brother, I’m just getting warmed up.”

She heard the cock of a pistol. “I said, let her go.”

Melvin was indignant. “You wouldn’t really shoot me, now, would you?”

“In the war I shot men because they wore the wrong color shirts. Try me, if you want to.”

“Oh, all right.” Melvin muttered something Hope wouldn’t repeat in civilized company as he smoothed her skirts down, none too gently.


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Yawl come back now…

Two 4 Tuesday — May 28, 2018

May is almost done, but there is time…

For a White Wedding!

Hey little sister, what have you done?
Hey little sister, who’s the only one?
Hey little sister, who’s your Superman?
Hey little sister, who’s the one you want?
Hey little sister, shotgun

It’s a nice day to start again
It’s a nice day for a white wedding
It’s a nice day to start again

— Billy Idol

Saturday Spanking — May 26, 2018

For this Saturday Sit-Spank I have an excerpt from Stranded With Charlotte. In this story, my cast of characters are stranded and pass the time by telling tales of their life events in a Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales sort of way. This specific excerpt is from Alisha’s Story. She is a newlywed and her husband as a few extra vows for her.


“Yes, but now we are married. You need to make a special commitment.”

12592638_10209519636978728_2679495480958163573_nHe sits up in the bed and pulls me across his lap. “It’s my wedding night, I don’t want a spanking.” But, I know better than to resist. He pushes my feet to the floor, bending me over his knee and stretching the skin of my bottom.

“The word is ‘obey’. I want to hear you spell it out.” Barry plants a firm smack on my left butt cheek.


“Close, ‘ouch’ does start with the letter ‘O’, but let’s try that again.” He spanks my right cheek – a bit harder.

“O,” I exclaim. He continues with softer, but still stinging smacks on alternating cheeks as I spell out B-E-Y.

“And what does that spell?” He swats me at the apex of my thighs, right over my puffy pussy lips.

“Ouch!” I jump, though it doesn’t really hurt that much. “Obey, it spells obey.”


CharlotteCover-smallStranded With Charlotte can be purchased at Amazon and a host of other fine ebook retailers.


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Saturday Sit-Spank – May 19, 2018

In the midst of the American Civil War, scientists in England were helping the Confederates build a new secret weapon. Emily Tidwell is dispatched to spy on the experiments for the Union. As you might expect, she encountered some difficulties. In this snippet, she is learning what an English proper spanking entails…


“Oh-ey,” Janice says when she returns and sees me, “what happened to you?”

“Lieutenant Anderson happened to me.  David and I followed you and Bill, but a mate snagged me to have a conversation with the Lieutenant.”  I wiggle my butt.

“Goodness,” she pokes a finger into the pink flesh, “I’ve not been that bright shade for nearly a year now.”

“You get spanked?”

“Oh-ey, for certainty.  Mrs. Howe – the house manager – likes to give us girls smacks on the bum with her paddle when she spies us neglecting our work and Mr. Blackwater – he’s the butler – doles out a proper punishment when he sees fit.”

“What exactly is a proper punishment?” I ask having heard this exact term for the second time tonight.

“On the bare…the bare butt with either a leather strap or a cane.”

“OUCH!” I exclaim remembering Mother’s bare bottom whipping that afternoon I first laid with Jack.

“Indeed, ya get one of those from Mr. Blackwater if you so much as wink at a bloke while at the manor.  That’s why I enjoy these adventures so much.”  She does a little dance spin in the tight space between the bunks.  “It will be a year or more before I get a bloke poke between my thighs again.”

“Oh, so you don’t…do this…all the time?”


The Counterfeit Confederate is available from:


Blushing Books

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