Saturday Sit-Spank – Nov 4th

A treat from A Sterling Maid for You by Sahalie Blue and myself (as Sterling Scott) from Blushing Books. This is a collection of short stories with a common theme.

In this short story, out maid is accidentally locked in the storage room with the butler. Shall we say, the butler did it…


She noticed, as he approached her that he was swishing a thin, flexible piece of wood through the air.

And, while his countenance was stern, his eyes twinkled.

“Um, is that what I think it is?”

“Why, yes, my dear. It is one of my old canes.”

Her heart started beating faster and her breathing became shallower. Her nipples started to swell and her bottom tingled. “What do you intend to do with it?”

“Your last comment was highly uncalled for. And, I think your attitude needs improving.”

Standing, she drew herself up to her full height and put her hands on her hips.

“My attitude is just fine, thank you very much.”

He did not say a word as he slowly, deliberately rolled up his shirt sleeves. His stare and his raised eyebrow told her what was to come. She had gone too far. She knew there was nowhere to run and no place to hide. His strong hands reached out to turn her around and bend her over at the waist.

She jumped involuntarily from his touch on the small of her back. She shivered as he lifted her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles. The cool air raised goosebumps on her naked flesh. She sputtered, “What are you doing? Stop that!” However, she did not resist him.

He inhaled sharply and then cleared his throat. “Your complaining will do neither of us any good. I intend to help you see the wisdom of having a positive attitude. My dear woman, you are much too tense. I think four mild strokes from the cane should impart the message, plus help you relax.”

“No, please, Malcolm, I promise I won’t complain anymore. You don’t have to do this.”

Even as she begged, her lady bits began to itch with anticipation.

“Ah, but I do. You must have heard of the saying: What hurts you today, makes you stronger tomorrow. Now, step out of your panties,” he demanded. “Bend over, hands on your shins, knees as straight as you can and feet together. As long as you follow my instructions, we can get this business over with quickly.”


A Sterling Maid For You is available from:


Blushing Books

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Saturday Sit-Spank – Oct. 28th

Whoo-Hoo! My new book (as Sterling Scott) has been published by Blushing Books. Here is a teaser from the Undercover With Betty.

Betty, a governess by day and a spanking party hostess by night, haplessly falls into the crack between murdering mobsters and the police. The mobsters Mac and Rocco have been using Betty as bait. However, the big boss wants to have a word with her…


“It’s a cane for punishing cute young women who can’t pay attention.” He pulled the cane from my mouth. “I’m sure you remember the discussion with Mac at the Spa.”

“Yes, Sir, I remember.”

The cool rod chilled my bare feet as he traced it along their soles. “And you remember how it is used?”

“Yes, Sir, I remember.”

“Are you paying attention to me now? Are you focused?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Perhaps you remember, I prefer to spank naughty young women on their feet. The bare butt is more sexual. Yes?”

“Yes, Sir.” Someone looped a rope around my ankles and bound my feet together. I gasped as a thin cord tied my big toes together.

“Please, Sir,” I pleaded, “I didn’t break any rules. I did what you told me to do.” He ignored me.

“But as your butt is already bare…” He pulled up the tail of my shirt and tucked the gathered material under my bra strap. He placed a warming hand on my bottom cheek and gave a gentle squeeze. “Perhaps, I’ll give you the choice: butt or feet?”

I believed Mac when he said the feet were worse. The warm hand moves to the sole of my left foot. A fingernail scrapes along the sensitive skin, and the resulting tickling sensation makes me squirm and tug at the bindings.

“If you can’t decide, then double with some on each.”

“No Sir, please, my bottom. Please, Sir, punish my bottom.”

He tapped the cane twice on my bare bottom. He repeated, as though sighting his strike. Fear drove adrenalin into my bloodstream, yet my kitty ignored this and tingled. Will he demand sex of me? Did I make the story with Dan too juicy? What a collection of emotions. I wonder how I would look with a crimson stripe across my bottom.

“Are you ready, Betty?”

Oh, please stop taunting me. Just get it over with. “Yes.”

I thought I heard the swish of the cane through the air, but that may have been imaginary. The red-hot pain searing across the toe pads of my feet was shockingly real. I should have seen that trick coming. Screaming, I jumped from the chair. Laurel and Hardy were ready and locked onto my arms, pushing me back into my spot.

“Betty, Betty, now you have broken a rule. I told you not to move. Remember that was rule one.” I couldn’t get any air to move through my throat to vocalize a plea. “So, another swat. And this time you will be sure to hold still.”

To make my task of holding stationary all the worse, Laurel and Hardy released my arms. He tapped the cane twice on the soles of my sore feet.

“Are you ready, Betty?”

“Yes,” I croaked.

The second fire-scorching blast landed an inch above the first, between the toe pads and the soles of my feet. This time, forewarned, I successfully held motionless. Not quiet, that wasn’t a rule. I screamed!

“Now, I hope I have your attention, Betty.” He didn’t allow me a moment to catch my breath. “Betty, would you like to do me a favor?” He repeated his question.

Quickly, I push some sounds out of my mouth. I don’t know how intelligible I managed to be, but I said, “Yes, Sir, I would love to do you a favor.”

Whatever my voice sounded like, he took it as a positive response. “Excellent, thank you, Betty. I do like you. Mac will give you the details.”

The bindings around my ankles and toes were removed. I heard the shuffling of shoes as they left the room. Laurel hissed in my ear, “Don’t move a fuckin’ muscle.” His nicotine breath filled my sinuses. I heard the sound of footfalls on the floor, and then the door closed.

Am I alone?

The blood rushing through my ears was so loud I couldn’t hear to be sure. My bottom was still exposed and aiming straight at the door. I gripped the back of the chair, trying to hold still. One minute passed, then another. Finally, I heard the sound of the door opening. My new visitor spent a long moment taking in the view of my blistered bare feet and pristine bare bottom. The door closed.

Rocco’s voice was very tender. “Betty, you can take off the blindfold now.”


Undercover With Betty is an erotic, spanking, romance, murder mystery. Check it out at Amazon.

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Masturbation Monday – Oct. 23rd

Only 60% of women admit to masturbating. Does that mean 40% of women lie about their sex life?

Masturbating is good for you – women who masturbate enjoy much more active, fulfilled sex lives than those who don’t.  Self-loving can actually help you to orgasm during sex because masturbation is way for you to explore how and where you like to be touched and discover your body. Once you know how to make yourself come, it will be easier to guide your partner.

“Here, hold my wine and watch this.”


Try these techniques from Cosmo {click}

Which one is your favorite?

For more ideas, check out my Monday Masturbation page {click}.